What does Pure mean in Pure Emu Oil?

This is an interesting question I got asked recently. Basically the word pure in pure emu oil refers to the quality of the refining process. If a emu oil product is refined to a good usable grade it is referred to as pure. Generally this refers to its quality and benefits that it bestows on the user.

You may ask now what does it mean if it has not been refined? The answer is,  the oil should only be called emu oil. It still has qualities but is not at the same realm of quality as pure oil at all. That is why it is always important to make sure the emu oil provider you purchase from provides this pure quality.

The emu oil we provide is refined to the quality that it is safe to take internally as well as use externally (for its many benefits). It is of the  highest possible grade and is from Emu’s bred in there own native environment, Australia. To check out our pure emu oil please visit our shop.

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  1. Hi, I purchased 100% pure emu oil, cosmetic grade from a vendor near Ojai/Solvang area. I cannot recall the name now, but my cat loves it. She craves it and howls for it. She laps it up right out of my hand, and eats usally about 1-2 pea sized portions of it. She has gained weight and her fur is so soft and she looks better in general. i have been feeding it to her since September this year. Now she has a bladder infection and I am afraid it is related. I can appreciate that there may be a huge difference “food grade” versus “cosmetic grade” emu oil. can you confirm that?

    Thank you

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