Vitamin C and Echinacea for Sports Hernia Relief

After recently suffering from a sports hernia (and ulcer), I wanted to share some products that helped me.. While each to there own in there own healing process these ones ended up working the best for my particular one. If you have similar you may wish to try and see what you think..

(Echinacea Flower above. One of the most healing plants on the planet.)

First of all i will describe a sports hernia is it is groin injury that effects the muscle to the left of the groin and can last many months. It also effects the lower bowels, effecting digestion and reflux which in turn gives the most side effects.. In worst case scenarios it can even need surgery, if not many days to weeks to months of healing is needed.

Okay so back to what helped me and what i used.. (Please be aware i am not a doctor so your case may be different, however they are all natural products so it does not hurt to try..)

My Sports Hernia Natural Treatment

  • Vitamin C up to 3000 mg ascorbic acid (use sugar free). Up to you how much suits you, I started at 1000mg then went up having 500mg each 2 hours. This will help boost the immune system increasing healing time and also i found it eased discomfort dramatically..
  • Echinacea (therapeutic dose) 5000mg 2 to 3 times a day.. Boosts the immune system and boosts healing time.
  • Pure Emu Oil internally and externally to help the digestion, increase omega vitamins and reduce pain. Emu oil is a great anti inflammatory.. Our Pure Emu Oil is edible grade which can be taken one teaspoon twice daily..
  • Small amount of Aloe Vera juice taken daily..
  • 10 days of cabbage juice diet which stops reflux and inflammation dramatically and helps lose excess weight to increase healing.. cabbage is amazing for weight loss.

Other than that, plenty of lying down, relaxing and watching tv..

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