Using Positive thought to Increase Beauty

Using positive thought to increase ones own beautyPositive thinking is so powerful, it can heal, it can reduce stress and it can also increase beauty. It has been shown through scientific research that by thinking regular positive thought about ones appearance you can really improve your looks.

“Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it is also is in your own eyes as well..”

Interestingly, in relation to the above line many beauty specialists are now recognizing this as well. They are not only encouraging healthy diet but also a healthy mind.

“It makes sense also that if we always think we look ugly that the body will react this way, don’t you think..? Secondly it also makes sense that if we think the opposite our body will react to that positively.”

I think the biggest proof of this statement above, is by looking at those people that always smile, no matter what the beauty is enhanced and visual signs of beauty can be seen more clearly. It’s like the bodies reaction to smiling is the body becoming happy as well and eventually effects the body..

“Positive mind.. Positive Body.. Positive Beauty..”

It makes me wonder with life upbringing conditioning, how this could effect us as well.. If brought up in a abusive household would this effect our beauty…? If it was opposite, in a loving family would we grow up more beautiful..? It makes sense, emotions are like fuel as we grow and eventually they have to come out somewhere.. And where best can it come out, the body..? What do you think..?

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