The Many Internal Benefits of Emu Oil

Emu Oil has many benefits on the outside, however on the inside it has many benefits as well.. Please note this is only if the Emu Oil is refined right like the Pure Emu Oil we provide, you can safely consume it for its health benefits..

What makes our emu oil particularly good on the inside is its natural high amounts of Omega Vitamins including high amounts of omega 3, 6, 7 and 9..

High in Omega Goodness!

These omega Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) are important in a balanced diet to maintain a healthy heart and brain function. This boosts the immune system, reduces cholesterol, stops pain and inflammation and increases overall general health and well-being. Omega 7 found in Emu Oil as well, assists in healthy digestion and skin restoration. Overall there are many benefits to internal emu oil use, below are some more that have been noted as well…

Emu Store provides two Emu Oil product ranges that can be used for there internal benefits, Pure Emu Oil and Emu Oil Capsules

Internal Omega Emu Oil Benefits

  • Prevents Headache and Migraine
  • Helps control nose bleeds
  • Cold and Flu Prevention
  • Helps reduce blood clotting
  • Can reduce the risk of heart attack
  • Alleviation of Allergies
  • Builds healthy cells
  • Reduces inflammatory disease
  • A treatment for depression
  • Helps to regulate heart rate
  • Helps to regulate fertility
  • Can help Prevent osteoporosis
  • Can help digestion related issues
  • Arthritis and Inflammation

Well that’s a bit more on how Emu Oil can help internally, for more information on internal or external benefits of emu oil click here.

Like what you hear about the benefits of Emu Oil, well then feel free to view Emu Store’s complete range of Emu Oil Products..

Please note – Only refined to edible grade Emu Oil quality is it safe to be consumed internally..

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