Sun Tanning is not Good for the Skin!

This has been a very common missconception, that sun tanning has a benefit for our skin. Unfortunately this type of tanning is still very common, even though a lot of detrimental effects are possible in the future.

Sun tanning does more damage to the skin, than good!

Tanning can Kill!

First of all Tanning can kill you, the world has the highest level of skin cancer now than ever before and it is mainly because of practices such as this. I was surprised to hear the other day a girl as young 19 died from skin cancer. Another factor to consider is it ruins the skin in future, I know your skin may look good tanned, yet you need to know the tanning is the effect of damage. It causes wrinkles, fine lines, damaged skin and a number of other skin irritations you may regret.

Is their a Safe Solution for Tanning?

The best solution if you want a Tan is those fake tan lotions, I think the best thing anyone can do is except the colour of their skin. How you are born is what makes you, you..? Did you know that in some countries in particular in south east Asia, girls go out of their way to create whiter skin.. Where as in western culture it seems a lot to be the opposite, can you except how you look?

In the end I think it is about understanding self beauty and understanding of yourself, you can spend time destroying and possibly ruining your skin or possibly even your life or you can start using the alternatives that are available.

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