Subscriber 5% Discount Promotion On Emu Store Products

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Looking for a good discount on your next Emu Store purchase, well that is easy, we are offering a quick 5% discount to all those that subscribe this month within a few minutes after confirming.

Sound good?

Well then you maybe wondering how to do it. Well that is simple as well. All one has to do is add your email into the boxes to the right of this arrow. Then once added confirm your subscription and then within a few minutes more receive the discount code.

This is one of the many promotions available from adding your email as well. This is for your benefit, not only that you will receive more future discounts such as free products discounts, some insider Emu Oil facts and keep you updated on all future promotions whatever they maybe.

So, add your email and save some money on your next order. Thanks and have a lovely day.

*Please Note on Use – In order to receive the discount one must spend more than $50 on purchase.

2 thoughts on “Subscriber 5% Discount Promotion On Emu Store Products”

  1. Just put in my first order and subscribed to get the first discount. paid via Paypal, used the code, did not get a discount.

    • Hey Joyce,
      I just checked the discount code and all is working fine here and others are using the discount code as well, all i can think of is possibly it was when i was working on the back end when you put your order in.. I just checked as verified with your name as well and same order size you did, so if you try again it will work.

      Or if you use on your next order it will work as well.

      Sorry about any inconvenience there. Let me know if there is any issues again by contacting us straight away. Also, thanks for the order!

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