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Email Subscribe and Save!

Hey All, Timon Weller Here,

The Emu Store website will shortly be offering discounts to all subscribers via email rss. The discounts will be available to all rss email subscribers from here.. If you are interested in subscribing to the Emu Store blog to keep informed of this then simply subscribe by entering your email in the subscription box to the right. Savings include up to 10% discount from Emu Store, categories savings and special price promotions…

Now by subscribing you can receive an even cheaper amount on Emu Oil products.

Options of Subscribing to Emu Store

  1. Subscribe via standard feed –RSS feed
  2. Subscribe via Feedburner feed – Feedburner Feed or Via Email you will see a subscribe box in the sidebar to the right.
  3. Coming Soon – Subscribe to our Official Email for even more benefits.

Update – To subscribe to our site is not coming soon no more, as you can see in the sidebar it is available now, plus after one subscribes they will get an instant 5% discount on there next order as a way of saying thanks. Not only that any future promotions you will be able to be informed right up to the moment something is available.

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