Our Natural Lip Balm Getting Good Feedback

natural lip balm with emu oilRecently over the last few months since the new lip balm was brought out many people started trying and testing it out to see how this Lip Balm would go. After the last few weeks we have received some very positive feedback for the product, including customers coming back to order more.

This is good news for all those thinking of trying this new product here at Emu Store.

One such comment was :

“I bought your Lip Balm and wanted to share that it is one of the best I have ever used, I usually go for the paw paw lip balm which is good but this one seems to last longer and protect me longer as well..”


“The Lip Balm is fantastic and feels great! I will be back to order more.”

For a basic rundown on the product the Natural Lip Balm is infused naturally with with the healing properties of emu oil, honey, cocoa butter, almond oil and spear mint. All of these together form a all round natural blend which tastes great and feels good on the lips. As like all our products the highest quality Emu Oil is also added giving you all the benefits you could ever want from this fantastic oil as well.

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