Oh My Gosh, Sugar Is Bad For The Skin

People can be so funny sometimes, we all know sugar is not good. It can cause us to gain weight, to age prematurely, can cause diabetes, can cause acne and can cause sugar balance problems. So many problems can be attributed to this common processed food.

The funny thing is so many people think that even though sugar is no good that it will not effect the skin badly, they see no association. The truth is sugar causes wrinkles, fine lines, eczema, rashes, acne, allergies and so much more. So much of the issues we focus on helping people reduce here on Emu Store. It really is bad for the skin. What got me on the topic was my friend said this the other day – “Oh My Gosh, Sugar is bad for the Skin” and so it made me feel like i should share it here as well.

So why is sugar so bad you maybe wondering?

The main reason other than the fact that it is processed and not natural is that it imbalances our sugar levels and gives us too much energy. This energy is then used and if not fully used turns into fat. Unfortunately for humans using all this energy this substance provides is not really possible as we are so much more non active than we used to. I mean to burn off even a small amount of sugar would take hours and who works out for hours daily? Not many..

Another factor that is at play is part of the sugar that turns to fat makes us fat. And what is not absorbed as fat becomes like unwanted poison in the system which thus moves into liver and then into our skin causing you guessed it, wrinkles and fine lines. It is not hard to see the issue here, look at cultures that hardly eat sugar at all and they are usually much more less vulnerable to wrinkles and skin problems than those that it is apart of there lifestyle.

So what is the solution.?

Well it is a hard one to totally avoid, however by eating more unprocessed foods we solve most of the problem, this includes eating a lot of vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh nuts, grains, meat and seeds. Moving more away from the frozen section in the supermarket and anything in a packet, instead focusing on the real food groups that have not been tampered with.

So, how much of this substance is too much you may ask? Well many health professions or naturopaths recommend less than 1 teaspoon a day.  While to some this may be difficult, to others like myself who use sugar rarely it is very easy.  Making adjustments in your life is the only way to get on top of this addiction if you have it.

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