New Lip Balm with Emu Oil

A new lip balm is available now at Emu Store. Shortly a professional picture will be added as well. So what is there to say about this new product.? The lip balm is embedded with the healing qualities of pure emu oil, plus honey, cocoa butter, almond oil and spear mint making this a handy lip balm suitable for all.

As we all know there are many lip balms on the market so I wanted to share the aspects that make this lip balm unique to others, first off it is completely natural so is safe for all including babies, kids and adults. Not only that but the ingredients are good for the body and lips thus saving time on causing future lip issues caused by chemical issues. And another is that is you do not need to worry if you have chemical sensitivities.

We all know the lips are important for protecting so we believe this product will serve the best for all. Enjoy.

For more information on the New Emu Oil Lip Balm.

2 thoughts on “New Lip Balm with Emu Oil”

  1. Hey Emu Store,
    Any updates on the picture on this one, looking forward to purchasing it for my girlfriend but hesitant because of no updated picture for the product yet. Let me know.

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