Losing Belly Fat by Eating Less

Losing belly fat can be tough, all going through the process know of its difficulty. One technique that is effective is by eating less. While this is easier said than done, there is a couple of tips to try if using this belly burning technique. Below are my tips.

Belly Fat Burning Tips

1 ) Eat less but healthy. It is all good and well to eat less but without eating well you are only cheating ourselves. try to eat mainly veges and fruits and you are on the right track..

2 ) Try to do more than 50 sit ups in the morning and at night.  This is brilliant for helping tuck that stomach in.. Also the more exercise you do in general the better. Be active..

3 ) Breathing exercises are great..! Simply breath in tucking your belly in and hold for 5 to 10 seconds then release. Do this often during the day and you will find that muscles will start to build around the belly helping weight loss..

4 ) Drink plenty of water, which will help fill you in between meals.. NO SUGAR..

5) Use good multi vitamins and Omega supplements (such as Emu Oil Capsules)

6) Keep at it, patience is a weight loss virtue.. Good luck with removing your belly fat..

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