How to Lose Belly Fat?

Do you suffer from Belly Fat? If so you are probably wondering what is the best method or methods to get rid of that unwanted belly fat..? While it may seem daunting at first there is a way, willpower, perseverance and hard work are the key.. Are you ready to hear some tips?

1 ) Lose Belly Fat Exercise

Okay so first off, exercise is so important, I know it is said time and time again but it really is so important, so I am going to go over some effective exercise for the Belly in particular.  First off try to see the body like a tool, it needs to be pushed to work more efficiently and so too the same with belly fat. Think of the rewards in the end after many months of exercise. More attractive to the opposite sex, more fit, feel healthy etc.. The list goes on..

Below are my recommended exercises –

  • Sit Ups or Crunches – 50 plus twice daily
  • Touching your toes or as low as you can go many times daily..
  • Push Ups – 20 or more twice daily
  • Jogging – 25 minutes daily
  • Martial Arts – Few times a week
  • Swimming – Regular swimming daily if possible

Integrate a exercise routine (write it down) that suits you and build it to something similar above or more. You need to become the active person to lose that belly fat.. There is no secret gizmo’s that can help..

2 ) Lose Belly Fat – Diet and Nutrition

Okay so now to the diet time. Now that you have worked out your exercise plan you need a super diet to drop that fat fast.. This diet may really be undesirable at first, but in time many start to like it.. It involves plenty of Fiber as Fiber is one of the major keys in losing weight and plenty of Alkaline based foods..

Eat More of this –

  • Carrots – Excellent source of fiber, eat a few raw carrots a day to get you really regular.
  • Celery – We burn more calories eating celery than it gives so this is an excellent snack at snack time.
  • Vegetables – You gotta love veges to lose that fat hey, they are the super fuel, enjoy soups based on veges, steam veges or lightly fried veges..
  • Protein – We all need protein so beans and a couple of eggs a day will help..
  • Yakults
  • Lots of Water

( Recommended Optional) Nutrition Aids

  • Emu Oil Capsules
  • Pure Emu Oil (edible grade only). Edible grade Pure Emu Oil is great to help aid the bowels and digestion. (Emu Store provides a great range of edible grade emu oil to suit all, click the links above for more info on use or to purchase.)
  • Multi Vitamins (helps in case your lacking in a particular mineral or vitamin during diet change)

Eat Less of This –

  • Processed foods – Great for gaining weight
  • Sugar – None is best, natural sugars are found in most foods.
  • Salt – Low salt, do not add it to food, use low salt sauces instead like soy sauce if needed.
  • Dairy Products – Get your calcium from somewhere else if possible or restrict this dairy intake to only natural yogurt and yakults (dairy drinks of high amounts of acidophilus – good bacteria)..
  • No sweet fruit.. Any sweet fruit is a great weight gainer.. Apples are fine.
  • Bread

Okay so that should keep you busy there alone.. Can you feel the belly fat respond already?

3 ) How to Lose Belly Fat Secrets!!!

Okay so here is where the hard learned secrets come in.. First one is fiber is your friend, second one is so are Yakults (good gut bacteria). Both of these help get the bowels working at tip top shape. Another tip is do not over eat, try to see meals more like large snacks, not for a feast, you are trying to lose belly fat remember.. A simple salad with egg or tuna will be fine for lunch, trust me you will not die and the best thing about salads is you can eat a lot of salads at a time.. A simple steamed rice, tofu with plenty of veges is great for dinner as well and filling..

Lastly the breakfast tip.. A couple of boiled eggs and salad is a great start. You can substitute the egg with chicken or tofu or anything high in protein.. Just remember low sugar, low carb, high alkaline (veges and salads) and high protein are the key here..

Stick with the diet and exercise (above) for a couple of months to 3 months and you will notice the difference. At first it may seem like low response for the body, however after a few weeks the body will adjust and start eliminating the excess fat.. The belly will start to drop, the excess fat from on the body (including Losing Belly Fat) will start to suck in and you should start to feel a lot healthier in general.

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