Is Pure Emu Oil Safe?

I recently got asked the question Is Our Emu Oil Safe? by a nervous customer. This is not a common question yet I thought in this post I would answer some peoples concerns. The Emu Oil we use for our pure emu oil or for our skin care line has been refined to the degree in an oil refinery to the purity for enhanced cosmetic use, health uses and also to the degree that it is safe to take internally (Please note – Internal use for the Pure Emu Oil only though), for it’s omega benefits.

The lady that enquired was mainly nervous as a lot of her friends had not used the product and so can be a confronting thing when asking friends about it. In Australia it is much different, emu oil is commonly known in most parts and is usually understood for it’s great skin care and health properties.

Be rest assured that our pure emu oil is non toxic for you or even around your kids or pets. If you have any more in particular questions related to this topic, feel free to ask below. Enjoy!

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