Is Emu Oil Safe to use on Cats?

The question Is Emu Oil safe to use on Cats was asked of me recently, so in this post I will go into detail on that. First of all like all substances on the planet there is always going to be a small chance of an allergic reaction whether or not it is the healthiest substance or product ever. Take me for example with a food allergy to Mushrooms, to others it is a health food.

Above – A Kitten with freshly opened eyes. (Image Source : Wikipedia)

Much the same with Emu Oil there too is always a very small chance your Cat may not agree with Pure Emu Oil however that chance is very small. In all cases of feedback we receive and use on animals i have never heard of an allergic reaction to Emu Oil, cats included. That is not to say different grades of emu oil is different results.

Below is some aspects of what to look out for if you wish to use Emu Oil on your Cat.

1. Is the Pure Emu Oil refined to edible grade like our Emu Oil at Emu Store? This means it is safe to drink internally and not make your Cat sick if they lick it at all.

2. Is the Emu Oil provided by a quality emu oil provider such as Emu Store which has been providing Emu Oil for over 5  years now online.

3. What is the application for.? Is it for a rash the Cat has, if so this can work well. Also emu oil is good at cleaning wounds after being disinfected as well as helping aid the Cats healing process.

So in conclusion and by assessing the above steps, just like humans Pure Emu Oil is safe to use on animals (externally)  including our little furry friends..

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  1. I was doing a deep conditioning with emu oil on my hair and my cat Little lisa is always right by my side. She kept grabbing my hand trying to lick some of the emu oil off my hand. I looked it up and apparently cats love it. I gave her a drop of it and she was crazy for it. Each day she stops where I keep the emu oil and waits for just one drop.

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