How to Tighten Sagging Skin?

Do you suffer from sagging skin or know someone who has it? If so, then there are ways to reduce it and create more supple young skin. One of the best methods is understanding a bit more what causes sagging skin.. If you are like many, you will try nearly any product you find without investigating further what it is. Hoping for a special cure.. In this post I will focus on what sagging skin is and what type of solutions including skin care is best.

Many out there will switch from one skin care product to another, depending on what people say or who made the best impression on them when selling. This is not the solution.

While many understand less of knowing the exact causes of their sagging skin. And soon, possibly many will end up possibly spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on ineffective skin care practices and regimes.

About Sagging Skin

As time prevails everyone’s skin begins to lose its original tightness, firmness and natural elasticity because the various dermal tissues have become not as strong. They will work harder to carry the extra weight of fatty tissues found beneath our skin, as well as the weight that gravity continues to pull on our skin. Thus in turn to many being unable to return to its original firm shape, lines, wrinkles and skin folds begin to appear in places and they stay there more permanently to look like sagging lines, unless you do something to treat them.

Before you start worrying too much, there is a solution to sagging skin and how to tighten again..

What Makes Skin Tighten with Less Sagging?

Do you know what collagen is? In not, that is okay, Collagen is a specific body protein type produced by the body. It is commonly found  within the skin, body ligaments and bones. It combines with another element called elastin, which is another protein type, to form many collagen bundles.

These important body bundles provide special cellular membranes that increase and tighten the bodies skin. Without those special bundles, the dermal skin layers found above would become more loose, eventually leading to you know as skin sagging and the horrible formation of wrinkles.

Many factors are at play with this formation. Some include the natural aging process we all go through, another is smoking,  a bad diet and free radicals. While we cannot fully stop our body from getting older, we can however stop the appearance of this form of aging. To do this change and slow down process one must change a number of factors about there diet, the water they drink and the type of skin care they use.


With diet one should focus on low sugar, high in fruit and vegetables and low in bad fats. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good fats (oil’s) such as coconut oil or emu oil. One should decrease the levels of salt, meat and processed foods and live more stress free. All of these elements help reduce Sagging Skin.

Ones best plan is to go fresh as well, in every piece of fresh fruit or vegetables is way more benefits for the body than weeks old fruits and vegetables. In a way it is like saying give the body what it wants and the skin will be happy..


Another important element for the skin is hydration of the body, one needs to drink as much good clean water as needed each day and that is a minimum of 2 liters as recommended. This will stop de-hydration which robs the skin of goodness and helps clean the blood. Spring water, fresh river or filtered water is the best in this situation.

Skin Care that Helps Prevent Sagging Skin

As for skin care one should focus on a natural anti inflammatory based line such as the line we provide containing pure emu oil. This is because emu oil natural reduces inflammation and contains all the omegas needed to feed skin. As the inflammatory action takes effect, wrinkles will be reduced whilst the deep penetrating action will allow the benefits of the emu oil to go deep to where it can gently help the natural action of collagen. In a way like health food for the skin.

Many people from around the world recognize emu oil based skin care for this very reason. Its deep natural skin healing and wrinkle reducing which includes reducing sagging skin.. To check out our full line of quality fully quality backed emu oil skin care visit main page at Emu Store.

Exercise and Body Routine to Reduce Sagging Skin

As we all know exercise is an important aspect of keeping one healthy, same goes with the skin and stopping sagging. You see exercise helps the circulation and blood flow allowing our skin to breath better, become more clearer as well as more smooth.

It is important to keep the exercise full body to allow all the muscles and skin to adjust evenly ans so the skin will adjust to what we do. Do not do to overly, do exercise to a consistency that one is most happy with as a regular element of your life. That way you can keep motivated better. As an example one hour walks each day do wonders for the body and therefore improve the skin naturally.

Sweating is good also, this allows the skin to release toxins as well as any factors that may contribute to help tighten any sagging skin.

Avoid Pollution for Less Sagging Skin

Another health aspect to consider is the negative effects of pollution on your skin. If one can avoid pollution, then sagging will be reduced as well. You see the skin breathes so if one walks or lives or puts themselves in heavily polluted environments then the skin is going to show more signs of aging. To reduce this in polluted areas wear tight fitting clothes when exposed and wash the face after going to and from exposed areas.

Having more showers in polluted areas is always a good idea as well. For those of you that do live in a low pollution area, then you are lucky cause your skin will sag less due to pollution issues.

Gentle on the Skin Reduces Sagging Skin and Keeps Skin Tighter

One should always be careful with how they treat the skin, research reveals that by being rough, bruising, or rubbing hard can increase the rate of sagging in the future. When one massages the skin or rubs, always consider using a little less force especially when it comes to delicate areas such as the face where one wants to keep tight supple skin.

This is also something to remember and consider being a parent, pinching the cheeks may be cute and friendly, but if done too much then it may increase the risk of sagging in the future for your child.

One should always be gentle when applying skin care also, try not to rush, let the skin care do the work and absorb into the skin, gently massage into the skin so it goes in well and there you go..

Conclusion on How to Tighten Sagging Skin?

While many may put off this way of reducing Sagging Skin, treating and keeping your skin in a more supple and tightened condition. This really means acting now before the sagging effects of age make it too late. Fix up your diet, live more stress free, drink plenty of good water and give your skin a good skin care that feeds the skin what it needs.

The perfect combination to long lasting supple tightened beautiful skin.

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  1. Honestly this is my biggest insecurity, saggy skin and as a mom of 4 i now saggy skin lol I also worry about sagging skin in my neck and chest area, but for that theres products to help like Revivatone by SOLVADERM a repair solution that helps correct multiple signs of aging in the neck and chest area.

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