How to Prevent Razor Burn?

If you are a guy or a girl then most likely like a lot of us we all shave, guys more so around the face unless you are the type that likes a beard and for the girls you may be shaving under the arms or legs. Each of these methods as a lot of us know can cause red spots or a burning sensation. This sensation and redness if often referred to as razor burn.

Did you know that a good conditioner can be used as a shaving aid?

Razor Burn 101 – The Guide to Prevention..

Like any type of burn or in this case razor burn there is always ways to prevent the issue. And yes this is something that we all can address if this is a problem in you as well, whether it is mild to a more serious type of razor burn that others can notice, each of us has the ability to reduce or even prevent completely. Below are the some excellent ways in doing so..

  1. Be gentle when shaving, i know you may be in a rush however it may actually make it take longer by having to deal with the razor burn rash rather than the actual shaving itself. Remember shaving is all about the turtle and the rabbit story, the turtle wins in the end so you must slow down and make sure you do a good job.
  2. Be careful with what you use as a shaving aid, if it contains alcohol or it burns on the skin then it is time to chuck out that product and go with something safe and gentle on the skin. Emu Oil being a perfect example of a gentle product to apply before shaving. Alcohol and other harsh chemicals can burn and actually be causing the burn rather than helping you.
  3. Use a good shaver, this is crucial as well, sometimes the cheap disposable shavers are good on price however you need to ask yourself, do they work as well as the better made brands..?
  4. After shaving put some natural cooling aid on the area, as i mentioned above Emu Oil is good however you could also use a piece of aloe vera or a few pieces of cucumber. These both have cooling effects and have the ability to reduce redness.
  5. Always make sure to take note of when you get redness, it may be an allergic reaction to an obvious product that you can just avoid and then the problem is under control.
  6. Wash your skin well before shaving with warm water, this will help dirt or grit to be removed more easily thus preventing bumps while shaving. It is amazing how dirty the face can get just after one day of exposure to the wind and the elements.

Apart from all these tips above, using a good skin care like the skin care products we provide will help keep the skin in a more healthy state thus allow your skin to be shaved more easily with less resistance. For more on our skin care visit our shop by clicking the shop tab above.

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