How to Make the Face Glow?

Have you ever wanted a more healthy looking glow in the face.? If so you are probably wondering what type of product of chemical can do this job for you miraculously. If so, you are looking down the wrong road. There is a surefire way to make the skin glow but it involves a bit of effort and lifestyle changes. You see a healthy glow on the face involves a healthy lifestyle as well as a number of factors. Below I will go over the ultimate technique which you can use to improve your skin over your whole body without any nasty side effects, all natural.

A Little About The Skin And Beauty

First of all I wanted to share the concept of beauty and why so many women and men have the wrong idea about how to achieve what the models have or super actresses. You see it is not so much about what chemical they put on there face. That is a lie. These people do not use chemicals at all.. In fact they do use skin care, but certainly not ones based on damaging chemicals such as the ones they put there face on.. I will tell you why..? Because these products harm the skin.. That is right. I am sorry to say but marketing and what works has too many clauses. Next time you look at a chemical skin care brand why not look up a couple of the ingredients and you will be surprised at what nasty substances go in these products, almost to the point where one could say it leads to cancer, health problems and nastier more deadlier skin conditions (including increasing wrinkles and Sagging Skin)..

With that all been said this gives you an idea of what to look for. Below is my tips and formula to better skin in which has been effectively researched and many top models, super models or actresses can agree to.

1. ) Choose a good recommended non toxic skin care that is proven to work such as the skin care we provide based on emu oil and natural ingredients. Emu Oil has been recommended by numerous health specialists, popular magazines, beauticians, celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and super models alike.

2. ) Eat a healthy diet based on low processed foods consisting of mainly organic vegetables, fruits and low inflammatory foods such as cabbage, spinach, apple to name a few. Try to lower the consumption of meats, in particular red meat which is hard for the body to digest so therefor rots forming gases in the stomach which then in turn gets sweated out and effects the quality of the skin.

3. ) Drink plenty of high quality water. This is a given and will help the skin by hydrating the body. The body needs at least 2 litres of water to function adequately but also depends on how much you sweat and how much energy one uses in a day.. The more exercise the more water..

4. ) Do regular low impact exercise, this will improve the skin and help the face glow by eliminating toxins from the body. It will also improve ones circulation which in turn improves ones overall health thus increasing longevity for you and your delicate skin..

5. ) The sun can be very damaging to the skin so refrain from to much exposure, in fact try to limit the bodies intake to less than 10 minutes a day of direct sunlight and then anything after you cover up to reduce damage to the skin. You see the sun is a bit of a double edged sword, on one side it helps the skin in small doses and on the other hand in high doses it is down right very dangerous.

6. ) Time to go chemical free, you see chemicals are linked to sorts of nasty skin problems including cancer, bowel problems, asthma to name a few. In order to go completely chemical free keep an eye on the ingredients in products you buy, avoid products containing msg in food a nasty ingredient linked to bowel cancer. Also avoid chemical based detergents and washing powder. It is amazing how many people limit these items from there life and there health improves including even healing deadly illnesses such as cancer or immune problems..

Another one to watch out for with chemicals is fluoride which is in most big name brand toothpastes. This chemical is so toxic it should of been banned years ago. Still to this day many doctors and lawsuits have been set against it, but the power of the chemical companies is so strong. As fluoride is toxic, its toxins are sweated out which then negatively effects the skins glow. Simply change to a non fluoride herbal toothpaste and I am sure you will never go back..

7. ) Limit pollution. Pollution damages the skin very badly as well as the body. It is stored behind skin layers causing later damage that is irreversible.

As the skin is the largest organ in the body in order to Make the face glow we have to take care of it as a whole. By following all the above tips I am sure you are on the way to better health and better skin and a better body. In time when the bodies toxicity gets lower you will find many positive changes in relation to beauty, health and lifestyle.

Thank you for reading this topic on How to Make the Face Glow? It is my surefire natural approach to the subject and I hope it has helped you in many ways including improving health, skin and beauty. If it has helped you then please take the time to visit our shop or view some more of our related topics below or share this topic to the social networks such as twitter or facebook.

5 thoughts on “How to Make the Face Glow?”

  1. Hey Timon,
    Thanks for the tips for the face, they are great and will try to use them myself. I myself am keen to get out of the city, I always try to look after myself but this one has been hard.

  2. Hey Yelshi,
    It’s amazing what negative effects pollution can have on the body, from allergies all the way to all sorts of immune problems, to skin problems, even leading to nasty illnesses, cancer and even death..

    I myself try to avoid pollution as much as possible, sometimes it being hard in this modern world.

  3. Thanks for sharing very knowledge full information and also clearing doubt about chemical topic also. I will follow your tips.

  4. Hi,
    I read all your tips. and found them good but my skin is a bit oily and has got pimples…and i don’t know whether to follow from your tips and the information…
    Hope you reply…!!!

    Thanks & Regards,


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