How to get rid of Nose Hairs?

This one is a painful one, do you have nose hairs? They can be really annoying, can trap dust up the nose and can also be really unattractive if left too long.. There are two ways I find which can effectively get rid of nose hairs, tweezers or your thumb and main index finger. Either one works effectively however they both can be quite testing as they both make your eyes water, when doing it I recommend doing one to two hairs from the nose a time.. Below are some basic steps to get rid of nose hair with tweezers..

1 ) How to get rid of Nose Hairs – Stand in front of the Mirror – This helps to see the nose hairs in the nose that are the most noticeable.

2 ) How to get rid of Nose Hairs – Get the Tweezers – Move the tweezers close to the first hair and try to grab it mid way, then sort of yank quickly on an angle and pop the hair should completely come out roots and all.. If your game you can do more than one nose hair at a time, that is totally up to you..

3 ) How to get rid of Nose Hairs – Eye Tears – If you find you are creating many tears from the nose during hair removal, remember this is normal, have a break and go back to later if it is too hard to bear.. When removing the hairs try not to be aggressive about it, short swift yanks should be enough..

4 ) How to get rid of Nose Hairs – Wash your face – Afterwards wash your face and rub the nose gently to make sure there is no hairs you may have missed. You are now done. Your nose may be sensitive for a few hours, but at least now the nose hairs are at bay..

6 thoughts on “How to get rid of Nose Hairs?”

  1. Would not recommend these methods. I’d suggest trimming only – there are plenty of little electronic devices on the market right now for only a few dollars.

    Pulling the hairs out can actually cause infection – especially being in a dark, moist area.

    You should have pointed out why we have noise hair: for protection. The same reason we have eyebrows and eyelashes – to protect things from getting into our eyes.

    Noise hairs filters the air you breath through your nose and catch many airborne particles, bacteria — many too small to see, etc. from entering your lungs. If you had no nose hair – you’d be getting sick a lot.

    Only rid of the hairs that are visibly coming out of your nose – or are bothersome – don’t make it a point to cull them all away, or even most of them.

    • Yes i agree, the hairs are there for a reason, but hairs coming out of the nose are not needed and look bad.. It also depends on how hairy you are as a person, some people have fewer hair and some have heaps.. 🙂

  2. i have nose hair comming out of my nose and its REALLY long
    it comes down to my chin
    dont get much apprication from it tho

  3. Hairs in Noses are important, just like David said above.
    But if they’re annoying to you, i mean, if they’re coming out and it’s embarrassing to you, then you shall have to do it.

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