How to get rid of a Blocked Nose?

In a previous post I mentioned how to get rid of nose hairs, In this post I wanted to focus on how to get Rid of a Blocked nose…? In particular a blocked nose that is not from a cold and refuses to leave without help. Β An Issue that effects many.

About a year ago today, I had this persistent blocked nose Issue that used to drive me crazy. In fact It used to be embarrassing how many times I would sniff a day. I tried decongestants, anti allergy tablets, you name but nothing seemed to work properly. Until finally I tried a home made saline solution with warm water in the nose.

It took a couple of weeks of doing it a few times a day however over time it got rid of my blocked nose completely that had been effecting me every day and the best aspect about it was that it is a natural and cheap solution to the problem.. Below are my steps on how I got rid or a persistent blocked Nose and hopefully I can help you too..

Saline Solution for the Nose – 1/4 to 1/2 A Teaspoon of salt per 200ml of good warm water.

How to get rid of a Blocked Nose Steps

1 ) How to get rid of a Blocked Nose – First of all prepare or purchase a quality saline solution, to make yourself just buy table salt and purchase some clean water such as spring water I used. Use an eye dropper bottle I recommend for later and add approximately one quarter to half a teaspoon to about 200ml of the spring water warm and let sit until all salt is dissolved…

2 ) How to get rid of a Blocked Nose – Towel – Grab a towel and the solution and go to the bedroom, lay down on the bed with your head hanging sort of off the edge and the towel over the top part of the chest. The towel is to catch the saline liquid when you sit up and to not make a mess.. Now lay back with nose off edge of bed so your nose should be completely almost level upside down in order to catch and hold the saline solution you prepared.

3 ) How to get rid of a Blocked Nose – Saline in the Nose Time – Add the saline solution to nose, now it may sting a tiny bit for a split second, this is normal and i find it makes the eyes water similar to like being dumped in the waves at the beach.

4 ) How to get rid of a Blocked Nose – Time and Patience – Leave in for about 45 to 60 seconds and then slowly sit up, you will feel the saline start to exit and drain from the nose and there should be almost a bit of immediate relief.. This is the beginning.

5 ) How to get rid of a Blocked Nose – Let the Saline heal – Sit for a while and let the saline completely leave the nose and allow the salt to heal the inflammation in the nose from it being blocked for so long.. After about an hour repeat again as desired and then everyday do a few times a day or if the blocked nose comes back..

6 ) How to get rid of a Blocked Nose – Repeat when Necessary – After about 2 weeks of nose clearing, you should feel the results.. If not then it may be time to see a nose specialist.. I hope I have helped you get rid of your blocked nose as it has helped me.. For each batch of saline made it is best to make a new batch every 24 hours.

Above – Video demonstration of how to use Saline or Salt Water to help flush the sinuses out fully. Can be repeated a number of times. Also can be used on all ages, just make sure not to swallow the water.

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  1. Hi, i’m 13 and i suffer from blocked noses, the best thing i could do, was just above you nostril in the middle rub in a circular motion with a bit of pressusre, n it shud releive you blocked nose a bit, OR place your finger and thumb either side at the top bridge of your nose, then squeze your nose with you thumb and finger, to the bottom, then start again, then blow your nose, this may help it does with me, comment back.

  2. Hi

    The thing is i tried this circular nose thing and it made it worse and i really need som help with this blocked nose its driving me nuts

    • If your allergies are bad i recommend trying to eat more fruit in the diet high in vitamin c. If still no luck go to a allergy specialist. I found the technique above worked for but was temporary as well.. You need to work out what is causing it..

  3. worked brilliantly for me after repeating around 3 times (just to be safe πŸ˜‰ thanks so much for sharing this i can finally get some sleep! πŸ˜‰

  4. just inhale hot steams . That will make your mucus less sticky .
    I tried this a lot of times , and it work . Not sure for you guys .

  5. Hi my name is lauren and i just wanna say thanx for all the help i havent tryed eny yet but my frist one i will tryis the hot steam one i will repot back later

  6. i gust tryed the heat/steam one and it worked a bit :/ then i tryed the salt water one and becasue of what i did the steam one then the salt one i finishedd it with the circel metherd and i dont have a blocked nose eny more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Don’t think that I’m crazy, but this really works.Option 1: You either get a small piece of tissue, dabb it in water and then put it in salt water and stick it in your nose GENTALY!!! Option 2:Get a piece of garlic, wash the garlic, and put it in your nose.Wait a little while. It may sting alittle but thats what makes it unblocked.Trust me, it works!

  8. i had a really annouing blocked nose and rubbing the top of the nose really works but it comes back quickly.The patience and time dose not work i waited a day and it stayed.

  9. the circular nose thing worked, and after i had done that and blown my nose, what really helps is to sniff some vaporub afterwards. It makes your nos e feel clear and nice.

  10. heres a tip get a bowl of hot water from the kettle (be careful) then and some vic into it also get a towel put your head in it but no literally in it to burn ur face with the hot water but use the towel to cover your head to the steam doesnt pass through then inhale it the vic is good beacuse it =s kinda hot and it helps.

    Another way is make a small ball of tissue and put some vic in it then stick it up youir nose ! its kinda hot a lil so dntput too much it really helps! πŸ™‚

  11. Iv had a blocked nose for 5days now and its driving me MAD tryed the salt and water and it really worked
    didnt think it would but it did lol
    thank you

  12. aaaaah my nose is annoyin but then i tried masarging my nose just aboth the nostrells about 20 secounds then magarge just aboth the nose itself almost near your eye about 20 seconds then you will start to be able to breath abit so breath in some realy hot ish water vapors it really works and costs nothing!!

    good luck all!!

  13. Hi i’m only 10 yea i no its young but i just goggle stuff and watch videos on youtube.. first i recently have block nose i usually drink hot water and stuff whenever i sleep i’ll feel so annoyed drink some herbal medicine my father gave and even some non-chewerable tablets but i still have them pls help πŸ™‚

  14. I really love to read these articles. I want to know what is the way in getting rid of a blocked nose? Thanks dude.;)

    • @ EasyL
      Vicks is not effective enough for 90% of people out there. Maybe it works in minor blocks, but this post is about those with persistent blocked nose from allergies or similar.

  15. Hey, I have a really annoying blocked right nostril from a cold that I am experiencing. Any suggestions for my problem? Thankyou.

  16. hi, i have been having a blocked nose for two weeks now, and everytime i lie down to go to sleep, it gets even more blocked! My doctor gave me a useless spray which i have to use, and if i knew that the sal and water solution, then i wouldn’t have paid thirty dollars! Although you do have to do it a couple of times a day for a few days, but it will surely go away. Thanks so much!!!!!

  17. I have a blocked nose and i do the rub ur nostrils one and it helps but it comes back and its annoying please help me thank u

  18. so i tried the steam with a towel over my head and all it did was burn my face and the salt and water on the kleenex only unplugged one side :/

  19. There is another solution if only 1 side of your nose is blocked. Start off by laying down on the side that the nose is blocked. Do the circular motion method for about 15 seconds. Blow your nose (still laying down). Now do the nose bridge massage for another 15 seconds. Blow your nose again. Now sit up slowly and you should feel the blockage collapse. Repeat if necessary! Sorry if this does not help.

  20. Blocked is just so mean. Mine was a complete blockade, i could only breathe through my mouth. I don’t know if its d panado, texa 10, hot steam with salt, vicks or garlic that worked cos i tried them all.

  21. Hey, I have had a cold for about 2 days now and i have developed a horrible blocked nose!
    Sometimes its just one nostril then when i lay in bed both become blocked!
    I want to get rid of this within 48 hours if possible
    If anyone can help it would be much appreciated! πŸ™‚

  22. Take your index finger and thumb and pinch with some amount of pressure. First, the bridge of your nose, and slowly keep pinching, and keep going down to just above your nostrils. Keep repeatedly doing this and keep going up and down. Try 50 pinches, and your nose should become clear. Hope this helps!

  23. Hi my name is Effie and I have. Blocked nose. The saline doesn’t work for now. I’ll see in the morning when I wake up though. I have a one sided blockage and it switches every time. Like one side is blocked then I blow my nose start breathing and it kind switches as it blocks back up. I blow my nose then right away it goes back to being stuffed or blocked. The massage doesn’t work. I’ve tried so many times. Maybe I’m doing it wrong??? Maybe but I don’t know. Please reply if you there is something you can help me with. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  24. Whatever you do, Don’t blow your nose! It just makes it worse. Take a Paracetamol,and you will feel it working. If this dosen’t help. Buy some nose drops. And that should. Or try going in the bath. Make sure it’s warm and gently place your nose into the water for about 2-4 seconds and then release your nose from the water and tilt your head back.

  25. The video on this site shows how to use a neti pot. It is used to clear/wash the sinus cavity. Excellent for a chronic sinus and allergy problems as well as an immediate cold. I use it in the shower, but ihave a freind who has perfected using over the sink with no mess. a caution – do not use iodized table salt -opt for an organic sea salt or at least uniodized salt.

  26. Steam can be very powerful in curing a stuffy nose.
    It is usually the best method that works for me all the time.
    Thanks for all the other tips too.. πŸ™‚

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