Green Tea for Weight Loss

Many of us want to lose weight right? Well some interesting research has shown some good results from you guessed it, Green Tea. Studies conducted concluded that by drinking green tea often had some great effects.

That effect was Weight Loss..

“If you suffer from weight loss problems maybe a little Green Tea can help as well…”

— Quote..

Research Done on Green Tea and Weight Loss

The research indicated and suggested that if a person was to drink five cups of green tea a day, they generally would burn an extra 75 (approx) extra calories a day through an effect known as thermogenesis (the process of heat production in organisms).

“That word is quite technical and confuses me as well, it basically means that green tea helps burn more calories which means more weight loss.. Many studies indicate part of the reason is from its natural caffiene properties.. “

While the amount of calories (75 approx)  is not a massive amount for a daily loss it still adds up with the added benefits of exercise and good diet. Basically said though green tea can give that extra boost you may have been after. It all adds up right?

Why does Green Tea Help with Weight Loss?

So you probably want to ask why green tea helps..? Good question, what is known is green tea naturally boosts the metabolism and also contains essential nutrients to create more health and well being. Not only that but green tea has some appetite suppressant (less eating, more weight loss) properties that can help burn those extra calories needed for weight loss.

“What a refreshing way to lose weight!”

The best aspect I like about this weight loss research is that green tea is so easy to get. It is not like many other natural weight loss tips that may cost endless amounts. This one can be drank, enjoyed and is very refreshing. I feel like a green tea now, do you?

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  1. There are tons of ways to loose weight and knowing that green tea is one of that. You may drink green tea in its raw form but I prefer to mix a bit of lemon juice and honey to it so as to make the tea taste great. Also keep in mind that there is no restriction that you should drink tea only once per day; you can drink it as often as you want, and remember that the more you drink green tea, the faster you would lose weight.

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