Emu Stores Pure Emu Oil Still Voted Number One Online for Price

After a competition analysis of our Pure Emu Oil product prices compared to all other major Emu Oil suppliers online, Emu Store has now trumped for a 6th year in a row. Not only are our products still cheaper in price, but also compared to about 70% of the competition our Emu Oil products are of higher quality.

This analysis is based on the refining process that our emu oil undertakes, we are one of the only providers online that provides cosmetic, therapeutic and edible grade emu oil online that is affordable.. In fact finding a competitor that provides edible grade like ours is like looking for a needle in a haystack..

Thats part of what makes Emu Store so unique..

For a basic overview on our comparison take a look at our 200ml (7 ounces) Pure Emu Oil price at an affordable $30 USD. Also not to mention our Pure 60ml bargain size at less than $18 USD.. Other online retailers can be double to even triple those prices.

If you have not checked out our online emu oil product range yet, feel free to visit our store now and browse away.. All online ordering is protected by PayPal and SSL online protection.. Thanks for dropping by..

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