Emu Store Products Going Organic

As you may have noticed here on Emu Store, the line we provide here called Emuse is based on Organic and Natural ingredients. Absolutely no harsh ingredients are in the product making them even more valuable and more safe and more beneficial for all users.

We made this move over the last 2 months and the feedback on the changes has been great. So this change will be here to change. This move was inspired for a number of reasons, the main one being that if we are going to doing well as a skin care and health provider we have to step above the curve of others. Provide an exceptional product at a price all can afford as well as using the highest standards in the industry.

New Improvements in a NutShell:

  1. Organic Ingredients
  2. Same High Quality Pure Emu Oil
  3. Suitable for everyone including Babies
  4. Faster and Improved Shipping
  5. Reasonable Prices

Unlike other Organic providers, what will step us aside is the use of Pure Emu Oil and prices we use. We will continue to try to keep everything at the best possible price for all future customers. Thank you for visiting Emu Store and while you are here go visit our range of products at our main shop.

2 thoughts on “Emu Store Products Going Organic”

  1. Way to go, organic is so good. You have a bigger fan of your products now. Will purchase some of your products today. They look and have heard they are great.

    I am such a big Organic ingredient fan and I also love emu oil.

    • Thanks Sez,
      Yes, going organic was a big improvement that will help all we hope in the long run. Thanks for your kind words on our products and looking forward to processing your future order. 🙂

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