Emu Oil Hair Treatment for Baldness

Through research and studies on emu oil, one of its many benefits is its natural ability is to be able to slow down baldness or hair loss. An amazing attribute. While it depends on the degree of hair loss one suffers from and the individual who suffers from this, trying pure emu oil  is definitely worth a try. And the best aspect of all is it is completely natural and will not cost you a bucket either.

Why is Emu Oil Good for Hair Loss Hair Treatment?

The main natural component found in Emu Oil that makes it really beneficial overall for the hair and scalp is linoleic acid, Oleic acid and linolenic acid. 3 main attributes. These all have been been scientifically tested and appear to inhibit the hormone DHT (formed by testosterone in baldness victims) which by far is the biggest cause of baldness or hair loss in all men around the world.

Emu Oil thus is a powerful natural Hair Loss Treatment for Baldness..”

Other than these components if the hair loss is partly due to inflammation (allergies, pollution, etc) which is common as well, then Emu Oil naturally helps with this as well. It naturally reduces inflammation. This natural combination makes Emu Oil an all round natural benefit for baldness, hair treatment or hair loss. In a way it is natures gift.

Emu Oil Hair Treatment – Steps Below

  1. To use emu oil for Baldness or Hair Loss treatment simply add a small amount of emu oil to your shampoo or apply directly a small amount to the effected areas.
  2. Massage and let sit on the area for a few minutes. You will feel it start to absorb into the scalp a little, do not worry this is completely normal.
  3. During the day when you have time apply a small amount regularly to the areas. If you can feel the oil on your scalp before application then you can wash, dry and then reapply a fresh amount of wait until it has dissipated.
  4. Keep doing for about 5 weeks or longer and record your results at the end of 5 to 6 weeks, then if you notice major improvements keep doing until you are happy or until you believe you have it under control.

Above – Happy testimonial of a user of Pure Emu Oil showing before and after shots. Very impressive results overall.

34 thoughts on “Emu Oil Hair Treatment for Baldness”

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  2. I am 28years old.Iam using Keshyog hair oil for remove baldness.I want to know can it help to regrowth my hair and remove baldness.If you know about the keshyog hair oil please suggest me.

  3. Thanks for the great post! Such good information, ive been using emu oils for the past 6 months now and I have never felt better. As a long term arthritis sufferer the emu oil cream has really helped reduce pain from inflammation and muscle soreness. I cant recommend emu oil enough. Hopefully these websites can help people as much as they helped me! Thanks again for the great blog…take care.

    • Hey,
      Because emu oil is a natural product it is not like a chemical. Simply use until you get results and then lower the use. How long you use is up to you, but regular use of emu oil based products will keep the hair in good condition.

  4. Hi. I m from Nairobi-Kenya. I m 36 yrs woman.. And have startd hair loss and bladness. I m so confused what treatment shd I do to ragain my hair back. Pl suggest

    • Hey Arafaath,
      Emu Oil will naturally help encourage strong hair growth depending on how much hair is missing on your sides. Either way we get good feedback on our emu oil and reducing hair loss so it is worth a try on your hair and see how it goes. For more information on emu oil on hair go to Emu Oil and Hair Loss page.

  5. hi,Iam living in Dubai for the last 3 yrs and facing hairloss problem from last 2 yrs and iam taking homeopathic treatment but its not affecting yet.

    Here,In Dubai water is hard but iam using mineral water for drinking & wash hair and taking high protein diet as per doctors consultation.

    So,Do you think that Emu oil will be effective in middle east.I mean to say ,did you get any feedback from any person who effectively using Emu oil in gulf countries.

    • Hi Hemant,
      We do not commonly get customers from that area however we get lot’s of good feedback for Emu Oil for reducing Hair Loss from many other countries.

      The first thing you want to do is determine exactly what is causing the Hair Loss. Either way Emu Oil will help though. The main reason being as well as the good news is Pure Emu Oil is high in Linoelic Acid and a powerful anti inflammatory which means it reduces loss overall. For more on Hair Loss Reduction and Emu Oil.

    • Hey Louie,
      We provide high quality cosmetic and edible grade, which means the quality is the same as triple refined but better because it can be drunk as well. The quality allows for the most benefits of the oil to be available..

      • Hello there,

        I just bought a 1 ltr. pure emu oil from your online shop but have not received it yet.

        Anyway, just want to ask if the pure emu oil that I purchased from you, can be taken internally as well. I read from other sites that in order for the emu oil to be safe, it must be certified fully refined oil and if it’s an American product should be approved by the AEA. What about your oil, which agency does the screening?

        Thanks very much.

        • Your order is on the way, depending on where you live it can take time and unfortunately the postal service has delays sometimes.. Yes it is for internal use as well.. Full of good omegas, one teaspoon a day is a good nutrition addition.

  6. I am Sathish 20 years old from India. I am suffering from hair loss and hairs are thinning .If i buy emu oil in India,is it safe to use it?

    • Hey Satish,
      Emu Oil is great for reducing hair loss, however it must be pure grade at least, it can’t be low grade emu oil. To ensure quality contact your supplier for the grade, it needs to be pure emu oil grade which is refined for quality and benefits. For high quality Oil in future you can always consider buying here as well..

  7. Hi, i am 18 yr old girl, i lost my hair on my scalp, and now i am using Hair Fort hair oil, it has Emu oil with a mixture of almond, jojoba, castor & thyme oil! Will it help me to regain my hair?? Please reply soon

    • Yes, Pure Emu Oil is great to reduce hair loss however it depends on the grade. Make sure it is good high quality like the Emu Oil we provide. Can i ask why you are losing hair when you are 18?

      • i did heavy dieting and had huge stress during exam :”( i lost my hair and since 3 months i am in treatment phase yet i am not getting benefit 🙁 i hope emu oil works !

  8. Hello,

    May I know how to keep the emu oil in good condition and how long does it last? Is there such an expiry date?

    Thanks again

    • It takes a long time for emu oil to go bad in any way because it is a oil. Oil used within three to four years is fine.. However like other oil keep out of sun or hot temps.

  9. Emu oil has “awakening” effects on the hair follicles affected by DHT. Emu oil is an all-natural tissue nutrient and by applying to the scalp, it helps it become healthy and alive again. According to clinical studies in Australia and the U.S. emu oil is an excellent anti-inflamatory agent that can rejuvenate skin cells and produce healthy hair growth.

  10. Interesting! This article will surely help those who are suffering from hair disorders. Hope to see more of this informative post in the future. Keep it up!

  11. It is interesting to know that emu oil is rich in linoleic acid, Oleic acid and linolenic acid and given that it is quite easy to use, it will not be surprising that this oil will become increasingly popular in the days to come.

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