Emu Oil Capsules Are Back!

I am sure you will all be relieved and happy to know that the Emu Oil Capsules previously unavailable for a long time are no back in the store and ready for purchase. Each capsule is formulated with the total recommended dose – 1000mg and not a low dose like other competitors.

emu oil capsulesEasy to Take Internally Formula – Emu Oil Capsules

To take all one has to do is take one capsule morning and night, this will provide the body with more than enough omega vitamins and anti inflammatory properties similar to fish oil but better to help ease symptoms of Arthritis, joint pain, lower cholesterol, improve circulation, improve immunity, skin health and so many others. For more info on the health properties of our Emu Oil Capsules.

The best thing now is you do not have to worry about problems such as mercury poisoning from bad fish oil tablets, instead you can buy Emu Oil capsules, which have higher amounts of Omegas without any risks what-so-ever.  Not only that, they will not leave you with bad fish breath, instead Emu Oil is pretty much tasteless and just full of goodness.

Take capsules with half to one full glass of clean water after food for best results.

Common Questions About Emu Oil Capsules

Can they be kept in the fridge?

Yes that is fine..

Can they be stored at high temperatures?

Keep them under 30 degrees by putting in a cool place.. This will keep the quality of the oil.

Are they safe for everyone?

Yes they are a health food..

Can they replace Fish Oil Tablets?

Yes, that is correct, in fact they contain more omegas than the average fish oil tablet. Not only that but there is no risk of Mercury poisoning from Pure Emu Oil capsules whereas with Fish Oil tablets there is always a small risk.


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