Emu Oil and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a tough time for the female human body, it can make many changes, create stretch marks where we do not want and damage the skin long term.. One way of battling the effects of these aspects is with emu oil.. Simply massage a small amount to the effected area, eg stretch marks etc.. Regularly during the pregnancy to help heal the skin..

There is two ways this can help too, because emu oil capsules are high in omega vitamins it can be a good supplement during the pregnancy for you and your baby as well as because of emu oil’s natural anti inflammatory and deep healing benefits it can heal into the skin layers where other products cannot..

If you are going to use emu oil, it is important to use regular during the stretch mark period especially of the pregnancy for optimal effects.. We even have a emu oil moisturiser with vitamin E that can help as well with this area.. By adding often you will give the best ability to heal as your body changes..

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