Facts About Emu Eggs – Size, Weight and Strength

The Emu Egg had many fascinating features. Not only is it deep black and larger than most eggs out there compared to other egg laying animals, but it is also designed to be stronger than most other eggs. The main reason for this is because of the harsh conditions these animals and eggs in nature would have to deal with. Desert type climate, extreme weather, predators and many more defenses.

Making a breakfast from an unfertilized Emu Egg can feed four people quite well as demonstrated on one of my previous posts.

Do you want to know more on emu eggs? In the video below it demonstrates the many facts about Emu Eggs, including size, weight and strength.

(Emu Egg Facts Video Above . As you can see from the video as well, these Eggs are great once cleaned and drained for Art.)

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  1. I urgently need 3 emu egg shells within the range 90 – 95 mm dia.
    and 130 – 150 mm length to repair a sculpture
    Thanks Robert

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