Drinking Water and Weight Loss

Water is so powerful, it is essential for a healthy life, for boosting beauty and is needed every day.. Recently it has been shown that it also has amazing benefits on weight loss as well..

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For anyone trying to lose weight it can really be a pain, its hard work, it takes a lot of time and lastly can be very frustrating. With this diet it is different, basically all one does is drink a lot more water so we are more full and therefore eat less..

Daily Steps to Drinking Water and Weight Loss

1. Drink 1 litre upon waking in the morning, then restrain from eating for at least an hour or two. Have a cup of tea or coffee if needed..

2. Upon breakfast eat mainly fruit and a small amount of grain. Also with this meal try to make it not large and combine with a glass of you guessed it water..

3. Do not eat morning tea, if you do make sure it is either a piece of fruit and you guessed it a glass of water.

4. Drink water throughout the day, for lunch you can have a light meal of say one salad sandwich and a glass of water.

5. Then keep drinking water until dinner time when hungry.. Try not to drink to much, just enough to keep you going without food. The body can only handle up to 6 to 7 litres a day so keep that in mind.. Drinking half a glass every half hour works great in general.

6. Now for dinner eat whatever you want, but make it smaller than usual and you guessed it, drink a glass of water..

Overall the water diet works well because it simply substitutes over eating with water. It also substitutes times, where you may drink a soft drink with water as well..

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