Coconut Oil for Hair

Have you ever tried Coconut Oil for your hair? If you have not you may be interested to know it is a great natural hair conditioner. I have been reading heaps on the benefits of using coconut on the hair and thought I would like to share my findings. 

“Just when I thought coconut was only a great food..”

Coconut Oil for Hair Versus Emu Oil for Hair

Similar to emu oil, coconut oil is very beneficial to the hair, it helps heal damaged hair like emu oil,  conditions hair like emu oil and penetrates to the essential areas like emu oil.

One of the main differences that can be seen is it appears the oil does not penetrate as deeply as emu oil and so may not heal as much. Also there is no reference or study into any hair loss or hair rejuvenation benefits like emu oil has.  What is known about coconut oil is that it is naturally moisturising, naturally removes dandruff and is great for removing and clearing up fungal infections. All of which emu oil has similar properties and benefits, but more.

How to use Coconut Oil for the Hair?

To use coconut oil, have a shower first and then allow hair to dry to the point it is mildly damp. Then apply one to two tablespoons depending on how much hair you have. Overall how much you apply is up to you but I would suggest around a tablespoon to two for most people. After applying the coconut oil allow to sit on hair for a while and gently massage. Remember it is an oil so try to consider how it may settle on the hair and scalp. After about five minutes or more feel free to lightly wash it away from the hair as you would any conditioner.

One Idea is that coconut oil could be used with emu oil for the hair as a double whammy, emu oil for all its many hair healing properties and coconut oil for all of its hair healing properties as well. The best of both worlds in a way.. To do this just mix a small amount like one teaspoon of coconut oil with one teaspoon of emu oil before applying. Another good idea could be to use our emu oil conditioner and add a small amount of coconut oil to the mix after a few uses.

Coconut Oil can be used for Candida as well as for the Hair..

Coconut Oil has many benefits other than just for the hair. Many studies reveal it also has many benefits internally for us such as in cooking. One common illness that effects millions worldwide is called candida and coconut oil works well on. This is mainly because of all its anti fungal properties it has and so when it gets to the bowels it can help natural treat this condition. If you know anyone who has had or has candida this may be a great share to help them out.

Now you are probably thinking, if you wanted coconut oil, where would you buy any? If I find a good online source I will post it back here, however until then, I have found a lot of retail health food shops provide the oil and if not they may likely be able to order it in for you..

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  1. yes i used coconut oil shampoo foe years is the best for hair and the body and cooking to in my home town thailand my mother used it for 100y, and i love it thank u

  2. we in our area do use coconut as hair oil, but i have learnt somewhere that it can also be used as treatment. So, if i eat coconut every day for a month or so does it effect my health and mostly my hair’s health. i actually have a hairfall problem.

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