Cabbage Juice for Ulcers

Wow, what a relief.. If you have ever suffered from the agonising pain of of Ulcers or a Hernia then you know what I am talking about when I mention discomfort.. Many doctors will try to prescribe all sorts of nasty antibiotics or painkillers that may work for you, however unfortunately for most people the recurrence is high.. The main reason being is your diet needs a major adjustment with Ulcers or Hernias in order to heal properly..

Cabbage Juice May Be the Answer?


I know it is an old wives tale about the healing properties of this amazing plant and ulcers. However It really is amazing. After having a ulcer issue I eventually decided to try and the results were interesting after a week of use.. RELIEF!

1. Quick Weight Loss and anti inflammatory on bowels
2. Quick soothing relief from Discomfort..
3. Evidence indicates cabbage heals ulcers, reduces reflux and also kills bacteria.

Cabbage is reported to help heal arthritis, anemia, avoid and heal cancer, wounds, boosts immune system, stimulate bowel movement for constipation and healthy regular movements, cleanse digesting system, weight loss, heals ulcers, hernia reflux relief and a lot more.

How much Cabbage for Ulcer Treatment..?

How much is up to your situation, I myself did four glasses of fresh juice daily each day for over 10 days. However I have heard absolute healing can happen in a few weeks of drinking.. It depends on a number of situations though. How bad the Ulcer is? And whether it needs more than others. Many reports on it have implied however that after 10 days most ulcers are completely healed.

So there you go, do you feel that gnawing pain from an ulcer, well then try soothing it with 200ml of Cabbage Juice four to five times a day.. Enjoy..

## For nutrition advice, Emu Oil Capsules can be a great supplement for Boosting the Immune System up as well as give all those needed healing Omega Vitamins..

Update – I found this great video on the subject of Cabbage Juice and Ulcers, It is by Jay Kordich and he goes over his view on Cabbage Juice as well. He combines what he refers to as the three C’s to healthy juicing, Carrots, Celery and Cabbage.

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  1. Already then! I’m borrowing my sister’s juicer and going to give 200 ml 4-5 times a day of cabbage juice for my peptic ulcers.

    Wish me luck!

    • Hey Stanley,
      Diet is a must for you then, so yes i would go for it, everyone has different responses so don’t get your hopes up on it fixing it in weeks, keep at it as your condition has progressed so long, it helped get rid of my ulcers which i had over a couple of years.. Also stress is a big factor as well, so get on top of that as that makes ulcers worst. I know they say this has not been proven, however does not stress make everything worse.. Good luck..

  2. Hi,

    I have had ulcer for 3 months due to NSAID and no H.pyroli detected.I took cabbage juice for last 10 days and I can see a lot of difference. Hopefully after treatment(3 weeks). I should be completely healed.

    Good luck to anyone who tries cabbage juice. Dont waste money with modern medication but diagnosis is important.

    • Good to hear good results, your situation sounds the same as me, we just need to change the ph balance which cabbage is very good for.. Wish you the best.. By the way after three weeks wean yourself off, don’t just fully stop, just cut back and in time stop..

  3. hello respected admin or @ timon weller !
    i am suffering from stomach ulcer past 2 year,
    i used medicine i much better but when i eat spicy food even very little spicy then i face lot of burning in stomach,
    i am very worried,
    so how much time and how many week i use Cabbage juice,and how many chances i will good.
    thanks and Regards

    • You need to change overall for a long time until you feel completely better, this involves going with more alkaline foods, chilli is very acidic so it burns, instead focus on apples, cabbage, no meat, porridge for breakfast, slippery elm, pysilium husks, carrot, celery juices and other foods that are low acid.. The high alkaline will change the ulcer which is a wound into a area that can heal. At the moment acid keeps opening it up.. If you do a good diet for a few months i am sure you will start to improve in time.. Also add a good Omega supplement to boost the immune system such as the Emu Oil Capsules we provide ( do not use fish oil tablets, they are bad for ulcers ). To buy Emu Oil Capsules.

  4. I had two episode of duodenal ulcer,my doctor prescribed me anti acid,which helps but doesnt cure the ulcer,i am currently taking omeparazole and raw honey,i use to have gnawing and abdominal pain but recently its just tender stomache.can any body help who has experienced bleeding duodenum ulcer before an cure,who help is highly appreciated

    • Ulcers are horrible, i have been there before, got some after a food poisoning issue, try the cabbage juice and then going for 80% alkaline foods for about a month and i am sure your body will feel better after that.. Emu Oil Capsules are really good as well as they provide high doses of omegas which are very healing. To order some Emu Oil Capsules.

  5. The information here is very useful indeed. Does the use of cabbage juice also help with problems with the oesophagus? I am hoping it is so as I have imflammation and heart burn and don’t wish to develop any further problems

  6. I’ve been eating Savoy Cabbage raw for 3 days. I assumed that with Savoy being very green it was somehow more rich than other types of cabbage. Would I be right?

    • Hey Lucky, no matter what treatment you are on you should use cabbage as well in combination.. It helped my ulcers when i had them a couple of years ago.. Cabbage is a great for reducing pain and helping recover.

  7. Hi Timon,

    I find about 2 years ago that I have duodenal peptic ulcer. Altough I remember having the same pain since my 16 years (Im 26). I know that is mainly stress related since my fathers breakup but also due to my lack of eating discipline. At that age I would just have some cigars and an expresso for breakfast, not eating for ours, and when I did I just filled my stomach as much as I could with fried food with a lot of sauces. Today Im “paying” for those times 🙂

    So, when I finally found out what the pain I have was, I did omeprazol for months, when I stopped, I went back to hospital.. Last year I changed to pantoprazol and quit smoking, drinking and bad food, but only had minor improvements. I got a pain peak again 4 months ago and decided I had to do a major thing that was quitting my job and change my life, the source of stress. At least this problem made me go back to studying 🙂 Now I ONLY eat things as boiled rice, apples and pears, and grilled chicken or turkey. I think I will always have this problem as long Im an anxious person, I am very worried all the time, I dont even understand why, so I think the treatment in my case will have to go that way. I have also tried raw potato juice and I felt an instant relief, but got scared when someone on my family got an urinary infection due to that (probably didnt wash it too well). But I will try the cabbage now, Im open to everything right now! So you say I should use the greener parts? what about the white ones, throw away or put them in too? thank you!

    • Hey Jon, I sympathize, been in a similar situation however my body did not like the proton pumps at all even when it was only supposed to be 4 weeks.. I decided to go natural and pursued all ways to improve.

      1. Cabbage is one for sure..
      2. Is yes reduce stress
      3. Is drink coconut daily
      4. Make sure to get good sleep.

      Lastly do not forget the coconut and cabbage.. It is a battle however the coconut oil will reduce the burn feeling quickly so you can get on with the day, the cabbage will help heal it.. Good luck..

  8. Hi Timon,
    you seemed good to me.. i had my endoscopy 1.5 years back and they found h-pylori and gastritis / inflammation on antrum (stomach wall)… got triple therapy after urea breath test and h pylori eradicated , but my condition remain as it is .. i went to dr’s so many times but they have nothing to say and only omeprazole / pantoperazole or antacids / sucralfate … now i came here in Australia and my condition is more .. burning and now it starts paining .. i went to dr here and they want to have endoscopy … and want to have biopsy for h-pylori test.. this is s### …. i am now trying cabbage juice (cabbage+celery+carrot) from last 3 days i am taking it 500ml cabbage juice+200 ml (celery +carrot) one glass in morning and one at afternoon (total will be approx 900 ml cabbage juice +450 (celery and carrot) per day…but i am taking it twice a day as i am have to work and can’t comeback home three times for drinking cabbage juice,,,.. 9-6 job.. can you please advise if that can help?? in healing,,,at the moment some time i feel nice and some time bad… how long should i continue and twice is enough? please do advice.. thanks.

    • Hey Jehanzeb,
      Maybe a good idea to get checked again just in case. What i did with the cabbage juice is take it for at least 14 days and then weaned off.. During the taking period though i would drink a lot. Like up to four a day of fresh juice. If you have ulcers like i reckon i did, it will give relief near the end of the period. That is not a time to stop taking, keep going and finish the protocol. What i found is after 3 weeks, i had lost weight and the gnawing pain was gone.. It totally depends on if your gastritis is caused by too much acid or too little..? There are two types.. Mine was too much.. One way of telling is if you lie down you get a burning sensation in your chest or you feel giddy when doing so..

      • I have been suffering from an ulcer (I have never had an endoscopy or anything) for a few years but very infrequently until this year. I have had an extremely stressful year, high anxiety, worrier, etc. and it is now relentless. On a blood test I did test negative for H. pylori. I am just doing Prilosec and trying licorice tablets starting today. Any suggestions?

  9. I just had my endo and colonoscopy today and had many ulcers in my ileum and gastritis at my atrium with large hiatal hernia. my question is how mucy priobotics are you taking everyday to help this matter and would apples in my carrots hurt to drink for my ulcers? thanks, noble

    • Apple, Carrot, Celery and Cabbage are all going to help sooth digestion, it will also reduce acid in the stomach naturally which will help the healing process. Pure Emu Oil which we provide has helped with the healing process as well as it reduces inflammation when taken internally. Yes probiotics will be soothing as well as they will help reduce bad bacteria which can cause ulcers as well.. Regards,

  10. Hai.
    Ahm…I have a stomach pain,backpain and I was sufferd this almost 7 months this year theni went to the doctor many times ,she said its a hyper acidity.she gave me always a proton pump inhibotor but its not really work….ahm.hyperacidity and ulcer is just the same? What should I do?… me pls…tnx

  11. Hello, I am a 65 year old female who has not had any serious GI issues until this past month. A few months ago, my doctor prescribed Celebrex for my arthritis which seemed to have set in this past winter. Within a month, I was burping a lot, and seeming to have heartburn when I had not experienced that before…then, the stomach burning set in pretty quickly after the burping and heartburn began. Well, needless to say, I stopped the Celebrex because I was almost certain that was the cause of the situation. However, the heartburn/stomach burning did not stop. I saw my doctor again, who did confirm that the Celebrex probably caused the stomach issue and I was most likely dealing with peptic ulcers. I was prescribed Nexium, (40 mg. a day). That was almost two weeks ago. I do have some relief from the burping, but the stomach burning is still there, especially when my stomach is empty. I have been very careful with my diet and timing of eating, to little avail. Today I began juicing with the fresh cabbage juice. I have planned to do 1 – 2 oz., 2 – 3 times a day. I have had two servings today…both times I had the juice between meals….the burning after drinking it was not good. I need some input here….am I on the right track? Should I stick with the cabbage juice for the recommended 10 – 14 days? I certainly do NOT want to make my symptoms/ulcers worse. Please respond…thank you!

    • Hey Kate,
      Thanks for the comment, the problem with this one is everyone is a little different. To me, cabbage juice helped me heaps and did not cause burning when I had ulcers, however if it is causing burning on you then you should stop with that process. As for a little of history, in Russia Cabbage used to be the main treatment for ulcers.
      The problem also lies in what is causing the ulcer in the first place, me not being a doctor I can give advise however can only be seen as advise only. When I had ulcers doctors did little to help, instead I had to eliminate all sorts of processed foods and go back on a Anti Candida Diet.
      One of the doctors I saw as well prescribed me Nexium as well, however that made my stomach and acid issue worse for me, hopefully better for you, but the negative side effects of Nexium made me feel worse.
      One more thing you could try adding to your diet as well is coconut and lots of it. If your ulcers are being aggravated by candida this can help ease the discomfort, fresh coconut juice was my fave when I had ulcers. Every day..
      Worth trying and see if that helps you as well..
      Also I found that some gassy foods can cause pain as well, gas can have a similar feel to acid so try to reduce eating too much gassy food. As an example, eggs or fish are two known for causing gas burn in some people.
      Hopefully that helps with a couple of aspects to try. Also eliminating caffeine is an important one as well.

      Regards and hope you feel better soon..

  12. Cabbage juice really works. I had a pain in the middle of my back that I believe is an ulcer. I noticed after eating a cabbage salad for dinner that I would feel better the next day. I found out that cabbage was good for ulcers and that juicing was better. I started juicing both green and red cabbage (since I didn’t know which one) and I would drink about 8oz. The 1st couple of days (sat & sun) I had the juice 2-3 times a day and Mon I had 1 cup in the morn before work. And I didn’t have any pain anymore. I skipped Tue and I was still fine all day. I woke up Wed and I have a twing of the pain, so I had another 8oz and in about an hour the pain is gone. I guess I will need to continue juicing for a while after having no pain, before the ulcer is completely healed. I guess I will continue with the juice for another 1.5 weeks.

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