Beauty Tips for the Face

Beauty tips for the Face

Here are a couple of good beauty tips I wanted to share to do the face or facial area. Keeping the face beautiful as we get older can be hard, here are some beauty tips to make it easier..

Beauty Tips for the Face –

Face Beauty Tip One – Keep out of the sun – Try to keep out of the sun as much as possible by wearing caps or hats is a great way to help keep those harsh rays away from the face. Many studies indicate one of the most damaging elements for the face is sunlight so keep that in mind..

Face Beauty Tip Two – Skin Care Moisturising – Use natural or cleansing moisturizing skin care such as emu oil skin care to help keep the skin moist and supple. This will reduce the chance of wrinkles or damage to facial skin..

Face Beauty Tip Three – Stress Less – Stress majorly effects the beauty of the face, by slowly changing to the common mood you are in. By stressing less and being happy, beauty will last longer and show happy expressions in the face over time, which always look great.. Look at people that are happy all the time as an example to see what i mean..

Face Beauty Tip Four – Water – That’s right, that essential nutrient again, it truly is great, drink it often and it will help in many ways including health and beauty..

Face Beauty Tip Five – Eat Well – Eat a well balanced diet that includes over 50% alkaline which is veges and fruits.. This have amazing on all beauty aspects including for the face..

Facial Beauty Tip Six – Exercise Well – Exercise everyday in some way for at least an hour and the body will always be happy, it will reduce stress, help absorb water better and food and lastly improve beauty aspects of the body including the face..

Facial Beauty Tip Seven – Pollution – Keep away from pollution or smoking related activities, these will eventually show on the face. Sorry smokers I had to say it..

Facial Beauty Tip Seven – Chemicals – Try not to use chemicals with cleaning products or any type of household products, there are plenty of alternatives and most chemicals will burn the skin (including the face) and damage it in many ways over time..

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