5 Beauty Tips for Babies

In a previous post I posted about beauty tips for pregnant women.. In this post I wanted to focus on 5 beauty tips that can help your baby for the future.. While most would think babies are immune to beauty effects, this has been highly misunderstood.. It is not what will effect them now it is what will effect them in future.. Here are some longevity and health tips to protect your baby in future..

1 ) 5 Beauty Tips for Babies – Water – This truly is a beauty tool most take for granted.. Make sure when your child is suitable for drinking water (when child starts to stop breastfeeding, ask doctor or adviser to be sure), that they get plenty of good water (such as spring water).. Make sure it is high quality water, try not to give your child chlorine or fluoride water or treated water, the long term effects are not good..

2 ) 5 Beauty Tips for Babies – Food – Make sure 70 to 80% of there food is alkaline based eg, mashed veges and do not use sugar..! I know a lot of baby foods from the supermarket contain sugar, however these are a no no for your babies health and well being later on.. Sugar to kids is almost like a drug, limit it as much as possible..

3 ) 5 Beauty Tips for Babies – Salt – Keep salt to a minimum for you or your baby, it is no good in the long run for health and you will find it makes not much difference in the end to food.. Salt is naturally occurring in most foods or water as sodium so adding more is not needed..

4 ) 5 Beauty Tips for Babies – Relaxing Music – This one has been a major breakthrough by science, music has been found to increase intelligence, beauty and a more confident person when exposing your baby to relaxing music.. When it comes to babies they absorb what they hear, so limit the stresses and any form of negative behaviour for your kids sake.. This can only negatively effect them..

5 ) 5 Beauty Tips for Babies – Exercise – Let the baby be as active as possible, smile when they are as this is how babies know when they are doing good.. Also smiles are very healing in general and so when ever your baby is developing which is constant try to be as happy as possible, this will rub off on them creating less stress and increase beauty later on in life.. In a sense smiling creates beauty..!

“If you can think of any other baby beauty tips, feel free to comment below..”

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