Beautiful Handcrafted Little Baby Soap

Looking for something different, well a new soap is available at Emu Store and it is a luxury soap like the others and handcrafted. We call it the little Baby soap as it is handcrafted to show a Baby sleeping peacefully on a hand. This type of soap would make an excellent gift for many.

The benefits of the soap are that it is combined with our awesome Pure Emu Oil, plus has the added benefits of chamomile, not to mention comes packed with a nice white towel. This makes it not only an awesome gift, plus that it is very useful for that special occasion whatever it maybe.

beautiful handcrafted little baby soap

Popular uses are at weddings, birthday gifts, luxury hotels and for those that are about to have a baby shower it would make a great treasure as well.

As the soap contains both Chamomile and Goats milk, plus the extra benefits of our oil, it will leave the skin feeling extremely refreshed after use.

To find out more about this soap or to purchase please click here.

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