Are You Eating For Your Skin? The Simple Guide..

Do you often think of food when it comes to beauty? If not, that is okay, not many of us do anymore, however this is a factor that can also improve the skin that should not be overlooked. Many of us just go for the easy answer like going for good quality skin care like the good stuff we provide but they forget that the whole needs more than just awesome skin care. That does not mean to not buy our skin care, it is the best by far on the market.

What i am getting at is that food is a part of the pie when it comes to looking after the skin. In other words we need good skin care and good food as well to help us along the way.

Below is some easy to eat foods that will not only help one lose weight and be healthy, but they will also help the skin as well:

  1. Greens – All types of greens ranging from Brussels sprouts to spinach to broccoli to lettuce to celery are all excellent for the whole body.
  2. The Good Oils – The good oils, such as coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are excellent for the body as well.
  3. Salads – Lots and lots of salads.
  4. Fruits – All types of fruits are excellent for the body and skin.
  5. Almonds, Cashews, Pepita’s, Sunflower Seeds.
  6. Lastly keep it balanced.. This one is usually over read, many of us eat way to much of one item thus throwing out the balance of the body due to this being the cause. Keep it simple and balanced.

Now you are probably wondering what are the bad foods, well you probably already guessed those are the nasty fat foods and processed foods. Foods such as lollies or Pizza being some good examples. Lot’s of people may go through the good skin stage to bad skin stage and may not realize the pattern of the cause. It usually is the fuel that is going in and sometimes after eating bad food such as Pizza within minutes the body can start show signs of wear and tear on the skin, including blotches to acne to mild skin irritations and so much more.

You only have to look in the mirror after a good batch of nasty food and most people will see signs almost instantly. Amazing yeah, so what is the answer. The best answer is to keep it simple, that is not to say to not indulge every now, indulging is good, but the best method is to balance out what you feel that your body can handle within due course. In a way like keeping your health clock in check as much as possible.

By eating in a balanced way your body will always repay you in many ways, nice looking skin, a nice figure and a younger more vibrant you. Looking for another way to improve your skin, well then now is the time to go visit our shop, we provide a large collection of quality products to suit nearly everyone’s needs. ( To visit our shop just click the shop tab above. )

3 thoughts on “Are You Eating For Your Skin? The Simple Guide..”

  1. Hey Timon,
    Those greens are always the answer. What i do is try to add them to at least one main meal a day if i can. That way i know i will always be on top, however i am trying to add it to more.

    Salads is always a good one.

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