Apples for Reflux

Over the last couple of weeks i suffered from a bout of reflux, a condition where my body is producing too much acid in my stomach and therefore making me feel sick. I believe it started over a bad case of chicken i bought that may have been not prepared properly.. (It’s hard to say for sure, but believe that it started from a case of food poisoning.)

So anyways after seeing my doctor and many medicines later my stomach still did not feel the best.. It seemed to be lingering the reflux and a constant nag.. I kept taking the medicine which gave me some relief.. I tried propping my pillows, i tried sleeping it off.. I just felt exhausted in many ways and the constant feeling of churning stomach was driving me crazy.. In many ways it felt like a hangover, but no drinking.. Oh man, what a pain..

So what about Apples and Reflux..?

One morning i woke up and i just had no appetite, this is common with bad reflux.. You have to make yourself eat even though you feel like not.. So anyways, even though i felt like not eating i had a thirst and a desire for apples for some reason..

I don’t know why they seemed okay, but anyways it drove me to the supermarket where i purchased some Gala apples.. I ate one apple as soon as i got back from the supermarket and for some reason i felt instant relief.. It was like the churning stopped and then my stomach calmed down.. I don’t know if this is the case for everyone but apples surely helped me..

Now i will eat at least three apples a day and feel they are the key to my reflux.. Maybe there is something in apples, the seeds, the fruit that makes it so healing in this way or maybe it is the perfect solution for my stomach but hope this posts helps those suffering from reflux as well.. It surely is a try if you do.. It helped me many..

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