Another Day, Another Beauty Routine

Its a brand new day.. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing. I can’t help feel the day as it drifts past and then I remember things I have to do and get done. Sometimes life feels like its one task to another, but I smile anyways. This is another amazing day of celebrating being on earth and healthy.

When I have time to reflect on beauty, I can’t help but think of the world, the universe and all of its splendors. It really is an amazing world we live on. The animals, the rivers, the trees, the ocean, you name it is a world of wonder.

So how does this relate to a beauty routine you may ask? Well beauty is also an internal thing, so many of us get caught up on the external world yet we forget what the truth is here. How we experience life internally also  reflects our body externally. This is not a theory either, this has been proven, happy people or spiritual people live longer. The main reason being that our internal way we see the world dramatically reflects our physical body..

A good example of this is if say I always saw beauty when I looked in the mirror would the internal reflect this? Or another one is if I always saw myself as ugly would my body mold to this also.. Science is revealing many facts indicating this is so.. One thought can make the world of difference. Many positive thoughts can change your world..

Be gentle on your self, be positive and enjoy life..

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