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This month is all about reducing allergies and there effects. Spring is here (Australia time) and many pollens fly around causing many of us many sorts of allergies in and around our body. It can be very negative in many ways so this post is about keeping on top during this time.

The main focus is the negative effects of allergies on our skin, dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and other sorts of irritations and rashes. Most of these caused by allergies. Damaging layers and in general making us look bad. In fact for any model it can be an absolute nightmare..

We can try to hide it in many ways but is it to any avail. Hiding something can only last so long hey.. Below is some tips to reduce those nasty allergies as much as possible. In a previous post i mentioned dealing with a persistent blocked nose and these tips will help there as well..

Allergy Beauty Tips October 2009

1. Eat Well and Balanced. Research indicates eating plenty of fruits can reduce allergies by up to 50% or more.. Also Ginger, garlic and chilli’s are good combatants to aid any internal allergies.

2. Keep your bedroom as dust and pollen free as possible.

3. For psoriasis, dandruff, rashes or skin reactions (due to allergies) use emu oil or emu oil skin care to reduce inflammation and keep it at bay..

4. Take three Echinacea tablets a day – 5000Mg

5. Take at least 1000 to 2000 mg of Vitamin C – Sugar free a day

6. Take on to two Emu Oil Capsules a Day for All your Omega Vitamins needs. Omega vitamins are linked to longevity and many healthy body functions.

6. Regular exercise to increase the immune function.

After assessing all the tips above consider if they are not helping seeing a allergy specialist to eliminate what may be causing the reactions allergies can cause. Trial and elimination is key as first step, until your work out what works for you.. Keep at it..

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