A Healthy Mind Equals a Healthy Body

Other than using a great skin care part of being healthy is not just about eating well or drinking well, it is partly about the mind. We are what we think in a way. I mentioned this in a way in a previous post about positive thinking and beauty. In this post I wanted to discuss more about how the mind works..?

Okay so to be begin with the mind is like a computer in a way, always processing, always analysing and always working out scenarios around our life. With that said the mind can easily influence us in many ways, some ways positive and some ways negatively. Each aspect of focus is how we see each obstacle in our lives and how we deal with these situations. To some one situation could be very stressful, to another it could be enjoyable.. It really is up to how the chemical components of of mind are made up and how it computes a situation that we come up against.

The good news however is that even though we think we are not in control of our mind, in many ways we are. We can with patience slowly change our chemical make up in the brain and can even make our selves more happy. Lots of research from the around the world is indicating that if we just switch our thoughts to being more  positive daily we can reduce illness, heal ourselves quicker physically, live longer and even look more beautiful. What makes this theory interesting is it basically implies that the mind can manipulate the chemicals that effect our cells to the degree that we start to change..

Now that is what I call – “A Healthy Mind Equals a Healthy Body”

So how can we start to make a better change you may ask? First off going by quantum physics theories, we need to start seeing our life more positive and enjoyable. Basically to stop focusing on what makes us stressed out and approaching on how to deal with stressful situations without stress.. Each day is a challenge and in time as stress takes less hold and positivity enters our lives as a constant, we will see the differences in our bodies as well.. ­čÖé

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