A Dash of Our Pure Emu Oil Goes a Long Way!

a dash of pure emu oilFor first time users when using our Pure Emu Oil it sometimes is hard to work how much to use in the effected area. Even though with emu oil you cannot use to much, it is good to know a small amount will go a long way. If applying to fine lines or wrinkles just use a tiny amount, a drop or two on the index finger will suffice.

Same goes for other applications as well, one way of looking at it is the skin can only absorb so much.  After that it will just sit on top of the skin. This way you make your next purchase of emu oil go a lot further than before.

So here is the rundown in Easy Steps –

  1. Open the bottle
  2. Apply so your index finger and third finger holds a small amount of the Oil
  3. Apply to the desired area
  4. Allow to absorb
  5. Repeat when necessary
  6. Watch as wrinkles diminish and as the skin soaks up the goodness ( benefits ) within the oil.
  7. Appreciate the effects that so many of our testimonies share.

Lastly, store in a cool, not hot environment to keep well.

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