5 Ways to Reduce Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

So, you are pregnant and your trying to work out how to reduce the chances of stretch marks during this process. If so, without making some big changes it can be hard to do.  One must first understand stretch marks can happen on anyone, however there are ways to reduce them or make them less likely. In fact some people do not even get stretch marks at all..


First of all you want to look at what pregnancy is, it is the process of creating a baby within the body and during that process that baby as it grows in the womb is absorbing and taking all the goodness from the mother. Nutrients in other words.. Because of this reason unless you are young and healthy it can take a toll on a women and her skin thus increasing the chances of stretch marks and problems unless one addresses they key element – HEALTH..

Fortunately for many we live in a time where we have good natural medicines, good vitamins, good supplements and have access to a variety of healthy clean food which can boost our health during these times.

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However when it comes to Stretch Marks we have to look at all the elements of the body in order to reduce. Below are five ways which can really help.

Stretch Marks and Pregnancy – 5 Ways to Reduce

1. )  First of all you want to look after your diet as well as possible, eat plenty of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and quality protein to keep the body well tuned. It is now time for the 9 month health binge. No sugar where possible, get your sugars from fruit alone and remove as much salt as possible as well.. Try to go with the chicken salad or egg salad or fruit salad. In fact salads are great for those that are pregnant. This is also a good time to try to lose excess fat that may effect you or the baby if you are slightly overweight.

2. ) Drink plenty of good quality water. Make sure to never be dehydrated, this will help the skin and body supply nutrients better.

3. ) Take stress seriously, now is not a time to stress instead do what you must to be stress free and give yourself time to breathe and be alone. This is a good time to retreat yourself spiritually as well as to give you time to unwind. Each aspect of stress the body feels, effects the skin and also effects the baby later in life..

4. ) Lots of gentle exercise is good for the body, do not just lay around and be unproductive. Instead do gentle walking, swimming daily and other exercises that are gentle on the body that you enjoy. When it comes to exercise gentle is the key when you are pregnant as well.

5. ) Lastly as you get bigger apply a good Oil such as Emu Oil like the one we provide to reduce inflammation and add needed nutrients to the skin to allow the skin to adjust without stretching too much. As Emu Oil penetrates deeper naturally than any other oil on the planet it will allow deeper skin protection than other products and allow the skin to heal better during this process of pregnancy.

I hope these tips and ways above help you in some way with pregnancy Stretch Marks, if so feel free to browse our online Emu Oil Shop or bookmark us for later or subscribe for more updates and discounts on our skin care line.

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  1. It’s so hard to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy but we can now handle all of this things with the help of those treatments, and also with the guides from our doctors. My doctor recommended I try Belly Oil and I am so grateful that i did, thank you for making this product available in Australia, every woman should know about it


  2. Stretch Mark was very disturbing. When I was pregnant I also experienced it. Yet this is very difficult to remove. Is there a way to eliminate it?

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