5 Surefire Personality Traits That Improve Beauty

There are many different types of beauty in the world and each of us is attracted to a different kind depending on who we are.  However In this post I wanted to focus on the beauty that is all about personality because it plays a big part for many of us and not only that it can improve beauty immensely.

The main reason being is as human beings we associate personality of other people to the way we look, so even if one is beautiful how they portray that beauty is what can either make them average or absolutely amazing.

Below are what I consider the 5 Surefire Traits of Personality That Improve Beauty..

  1. Being Kind – This is the first beauty trait, kindness has a way of transforming anyone so in a beautiful person It can change them even more..
  2. SmilingSmiling is one of the biggest kept secrets to beauty, in fact science has proven that smiling often can increase longevity plus can even change how our body looks. In other words it can make us look more beautiful. Sound good?
  3. Intelligence – This part is a major beauty boost because everyone loves a attractive plus intelligent person. This side of people is attractive by itself.
  4. Being A Lady or Gentleman – This is a good one, one can be attractive but if they speak foul language or speak and act badly many will be turned off by that person based on those actions..
  5. Being Lighthearted – What I mean by this one, is someone that does not take life too seriously and wants to enjoy, someone that feels and acts in this way as well.. Someone that has there emotions in control and does not lose there cool..

Overall it all is about how your show yourself in the world and then how the world reacts to you in accordance to how you present yourself. Simple changes can improve many aspects.

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