5 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast

Do you suffer from Pimples? If so, you are probably wondering what is the quickest way to naturally get rid of pimples without having to resort to nasty over the counter chemical products.

The truth is those chemicals can make matters worse and in time cause other skin problems that may ruin your skin and even increase wrinkles and fine lines. Instead by understanding what a pimple or acne is then by treating with what prevents it then that will give what the body needs to reduce or even stop it from happening in the future.

A Little About Pimples

First of all let’s go over what pimples or acne is and how to prevent it fast. Pimples are a skin reaction commonly caused by excess toxins and excess bacteria on the skin. While cleaning your skin regular can help, this bacteria is common so what one needs to do is give the body what it needs to not create a reaction to bacteria thus lowering and stopping pimples once and for all.

For this to be effectively done one must change a few major aspects of ones lifestyle in order to achieve. These tips and tricks will not only improve the skin but will improve the whole operation of the body, thus creating clear low pimple skin..

As you may already be aware pimples tend to effect certain people more than others, this is because some of us focus on not so good lifestyles that negatively effect our skins. It may be exposing ourselves to allergies or too much sugar or insufficient diet. Each of these can lead to nasty pimples. Below are 5 simple tricks one can do to get rid of pimples really fast.

5 Fast Natural Tricks to Reduce Pimples

1. ) Use a good skin care that is both anti bacterial and anti inflammatory such as the Pure Emu Oil Skin Care we provide at Emu Store. Pure Emu Oil naturally reduces wrinkles, fine lines and even acne and pimples by deeply penetrating where other oils cannot and it’s strong anti inflammatory properties.

As well as it’s anti bacterial properties prevent it from coming back once it is is gone. To use on pimples simple apply a small amount of the oil to the pimple and allow it to clean and penetrate. After a couple of days of regular application the pimple should be completely gone.

As a another good tip, after washing the skin with warm clean water and then after applying the Pure Emu Oil allow it fully penetrate and then after a few minutes apply our Emu Oil Moisturizer, which will help give double extra boost to clearing the skin.

2. ) Drink plenty of water, this will help clean the body and lower the amount of toxins that may be being stored in the skin. I would recommend to drink at least 2 liters a day, however on a hot day drinking more is fine..

3. ) Lower your processed sugar intake. This is a big one, processed sugar is nasty for the body and encourages infection so lowering it will reduce skin problems and improve overall health. This does not mean go completely sugar free, just try to limit where you get sugar from, as a good guide honey and fruit are great natural sources of natural sugars. By lowering your daily sugar intake the body will dramatically reduce inflammation which will reduce pimples on the body.

4. ) Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit. Make sure your day is jam packed with health foods, like i said about sugar the same goes with processed foods, try to limit them or even remove processed foods from your diet. These are full of nasty preservatives and food additives that are massive contributors to causing skin allergies and pimples. By lowering the amount of processed foods one will notice a dramatic fast improvement in health as well as skin. An examples of nasty processed foods and additives are burgers, fast food, chicken nuggets, MSG and some canned products (basically all junk food).

5. ) Get allergy tests to make sure you are not eating one of your allergies, this can be a massive trigger in causing toxins in the body, thus then moving to the skin causing a skin allergy such as acne or pimples. By removing an allergy from diet it can be a very fast way of getting rid of pimples.

6 thoughts on “5 Natural Tricks To Get Rid Of Pimples Fast”

  1. Oh I hate pimples so much and I keep getting them. I am guilty of so many of your no no’s in the tips above. I guess I have to get motivated to get them under control as soon as possible. Also I have heard real great things about your Emu Oil so I will try as well. Hopefully with these changes all will be good.

  2. Hey i hve alot of pimples…..nd i feel guilty coz of these pimples….i hate pimples….i hope with ur these tricks my pimples will go forever …..thanx

  3. I can’t seem to clear up any of my acne. I’m a four-sport athlete in high school, so I eat the right types of food and drink more water then most people do. Yet I cannot get rid of my zits and pimples. It could be because of the sweat getting inside my pours, but I wash my face as often as I can. I also have tried several different acne treatments but nothing seems to help. If anyone knows how I could treat my acne, then please reply and I’ll try it out. Thanks!

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