5 Beauty Tips During Pregnancy

Being pregnant can be hard on the body and beauty so in order to look after it, it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle with low stress and plenty of healthy eating. Not as easily said and done I know so we all need to remind ourselves of some important factors along the way.

One factor being beauty.

Below is a list of 5 Beauty Tips that can help during a pregnancy.

Tips During Pregnancy

1 ) Water – Drink water frequently to keep you and the baby nourished. Remember you are drinking for two while you are pregnant, keeping a 2 litre bottle of water around is always a good technique..

2 )  Vitamin C and Multivitamins – Remember to get all the vitamins needed to compensate for you and the baby, it may be recommended going to a specialist who can look at what you need specifically as each person is different during pregnancy and getting the right combo can really help for your beauty and health..

3 )  Eat Well – Now is the time for plenty of greens and to cut out all those bad fatty foods such as meat and junk food.. Have plenty of healthy vege soups that are easy to digest and plenty of green healthy salads.. Try to create a diet that consists of 3/4 veges and salads and 1 /4 grains, carbs and proteins..

4 )  Exercise Frequently – We all need to exercise still while pregnant. I would recommend frequent walking or water exercises to keep the blood pressure good and healthy.. This will also help the baby out heaps. A good tip is an exercise bike in the tv or lounge room to help make it more convenient..

5 )  Stretch Marks and Omega Benefits – Nearing the last stages of pregnancy if you feel stretch marks could be possible, keep doing the above tips and regularly use a moisturising oil such as Emu Oil on the area which you think may get stretch marks.. This will reduce the signs as well as allow deep healing if stretch marks occur.. For more information on emu oil and stretch marks click here.. Emu Oil can also be used internally for its many omega benefits.

Above – Video shows a women who used Pure Emu Oil to stop the formation of Stretch Marks during pregnancy. She uses other Oil’s as well as part of her routine.

Pregnancy is such an important time for all mothers, more research has found that a mother that is more happy before giving birth increases the intelligence of the child. This has been backed up a number of times. Other studies suggest all sorts of stress can make it more likely to have birthing issues as well. So it is fundamentally important for all to see the pregnancy stage as an important stage in the child’s development as well.

Try to see this time as a time to unwind and enjoy the process.

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  1. thank for the information, i have been looking for this kind of articles. thanks once again. hope to get more info on my next visit at your site, keep up the good work

  2. Thanks for the 5 tips! These are 5 important and essential tips for all pregnant women.Pregnancy journey can be quite challenging especially those with bad morning sickness that even last throughout the end of trimester 3. Gyne usually advise to take smaller & frequent meal. Good and practical, some food like potatoes (baked/steam) can help in overcoming morning sickness (it work for me…)

  3. you won’t be able to eat any food that you want during pregnancy as some foods could be harmful to the baby, like foods that ha`-“

  4. pregnancy is sometimes life-threatening specially if there are anomalies during child development and child birth.-:

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