3 Tips to Help Get Rid of Pimples

Ahh more pimples, will they ever stop? They are horrible, they itch, they stand out and they are just not that attractive. So how do we get rid of these nasty pimples? Do we pick them, do we use nasty products or do we use natural alternative treatments? So many questions, so many answers, below I am just going to name three pimple removing methods which I find work best. If you like them or they help you, feel free to let me know below..

(Above – What being Pimple free can look like..)

Below are Three tips to Help Get Rid of those Pimples

1 ) Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise you Skin Often – Cleansing, Toning and moisturising is a very common way to help get rid of pimples. For best results go for skin care that is as natural as possible and feel free to use our emu oil moisturiser in this routine. For toning I recommend a witch hazel based solution.

2 ) Do not scratch your Pimples or pick them. Research indicates that pimples spread by doing this so try to keep the picking at bay.. Instead of picking, clean the skin around the pimple to discourage spreading or longevity. Also picking a pimple can be risky as in worst case scenarios the pimple could turn into a Keloid Scar. And they are nasty..

3 ) Another way to get rid of Pimples is using alternative products such as emu oil in the common areas where you get pimples often to help prevent them coming back in future. Emu oil research indicates many positive results on the skin such as reducing wrinkles, fine lines and even Pimples. This is mainly due to its natural deep penetration effects, anti bacterial properties and anti – inflammatory properties.

Above – Women uses Emu Oil and within days pimples are gone..

Keep at it, One Pimple at a Time.

Overall pimples are a pain, we all get them from time to time, try to keep the skin clean as often as possible, keep the diet good and use tips like these above and you should be right.. Sometimes for some people it is all about working out what causes pimples for them and avoiding these? Some people it may be allergies, others diet and others lack of both to name a few. Not saying it is any of the above but to take note if you notice any pimples appearing more in some of the situations.

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  1. I am 13 years old and I am hitious!!! Everyone sayd that I am a very beautiful girl except for the zits!!! I have tried almost everything and nothing seems to work!!! I’m going to drive my self insane! I start high school next year, and I dont get my braces of until right before I turn 15 and my face looks like I have a worse illergic reaction everyday!!! Mostly on my forehead!!! and I play a lot of sports so my make up eventually comes off, so AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!

  2. Tips are nice but i prefer apple pulp and honey mask very good natural remedy for pimples. I applied it twice and the result was amazing. Now I can stop wasting money on costly beauty products. I was so tired of finding a good product to avoid pimples

  3. what’s emu oil???where could i buy that??
    I live in the Philippines…14 yrs.old almost everyone say’s I am pretty,my classmate,student teacher,friend,cousins,family,schoolmate,and even a stranger!!!(hey! I am not being boastful,i am just telling the truth)but i think I am not…its because of this stupid pimples!!!my pimples are not that many…its moderate i think….I have tried almost everything!!!drinking lots and lots of water,putting toothpaste,trying diff.products!!!!except for this emu oil…need a reply and advice..thanks:)

  4. I’m 13 to and I know exactly how you feel, it’s normal to feel the way you are feeling and it’s not how you look that makes u pretty, it’s your personality that makes you beautiful.

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