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Emu Store - Emu Oil Shampoo Vs Other Shampoo Emu Store - Emu Oil Shampoo Vs Other Shampoo
emu oil shampoo vs other shampoos

There are many differences between Emu Oil Shampoo and other shampoo. The major difference is the myriad of benefits emu oil has on your hair. One of the many benefits has been noticed the ability to reduce hair loss and to help improve the condition of the hair. The high amount of Omega vitamins and linoleic acid of emu oil are both beneficial to the hair and roots...

"Research into the Benefits of Emu Oil for hair has shown the linoleic acid in Emu oil to be an effective anti-androgen, and a potent 5 alpha reductase inhibitor, which are key factors in the treatment of hair loss..."

Our Emu Oil Shampoo Vs Mainstream Commercial Shampoo..!

Look at all the high chemical shampoos on the market, some of which have no benefit for the person at all except to dose yourself with chemicals each time you wash your hair. The main reason for this is chemicals are cheap and if not used are disgarded by many companies. However by them adding it to shampoo it solves this issue for the chemical companies..

If you asked them if they used there own product, I am sure they will not answer that one. Unfortunately this is 90% of the commercial products out there... You know the products, i will not mention the names. If you look on the back at the ingredients if you see alot of numbers thats a good indication of toxic shampoo... Unfortunately no warnings labels are added to these products so it is up to the consumer to make the right decision... Our Emu Oil Shampoo is different...

SLS free - Emu Oil Shampoo...!

What makes our emu oil shampoo different is it is not full of chemicals. None of our products contain harsh chemicals. The only additive used is a mild preservative to increase shelf life. So rest assured that by purchasing our emu oil shampoo you are buying a value for money shampoo that is not toxic for you or your hair or for your kids... The best aspect of all our emu oil shampoo is fully SLS free, a chemical that creates large amounts of foam that has been linked to cancer on many studies...

For more information on the emu oil shampoo click here.

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