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Emu Oil Massage Mousse Lotion $16.95
Emu Oil Massage Mousse Lotion

The healing powers of massage lotions have been around for thousands of thousands of years. It heals the body, increases and improves circulation, ones health and well being while also allowing hard to relieve stress issues to leave the body. This finally allowing the body to fully relax while giving the skin and body areas the vitamins and essential oils it wants and needs.

Warm Massage Mousse - 125ml Size

This Emu Oil based Warm Massage Mousse Lotion has all those needed healing ingredients to give yourself the best massage experience. Combined with High quality tension relieving properties of Pure Emu Oil, Chilli, Arnica, Calendula and St John's wort. All ingredients associated with deep muscle and body relaxtion, all allowing the best type of massage and muscle relief possible.

Lotion Directions

The directions are quite simple, simply apply a small amount into the hand and allow the massager or yourself to massage into the desired area allowing a bit of time for the massage lotion to do its magic.

Lotion Benefits

The natural abilities of the high quality Emu Oil will help assist in it penetrating more deeply than other massage lotions, to the areas the body needs as well as its own natural anti inflammatory properties will do wonders. Combined with the other natural relaxing ingredients such as Arnica and Chilli one will feel the difference in muscle relaxation within minutes.

Other benefits of the Massage Mousse Lotion include -

Increasing and improving circulation
Improved relaxation
Reducing arthritis naturally
Improved Skin
Muscle Development
Sports Injury Relief
Natural Arthritis Relief Because of the Pure Emu Oil Ingredient
And many more..

By using our Emu Oil based Massage Mousse feel rest assured that with regular use you will notice the difference. The product contains no chemicals or harsh ingredients, only pure ingredients to help you better with any massage routine. This product can be enjoyed by any age or anyone and is suitable for all types of massages.

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Recent Reviews
Terry Johnson  5 of 5 Stars!
Decided to order this one at the last minute with my order, great price by the way. Really affordable. So glad i ordered it, it works great for all massages..
Tony (US) G. Timms  4 of 5 Stars!
Really good for massages, will recommend it to my friends.
Angela J. Hills  4 of 5 Stars!
Nice massage lotion. I just recieved it and started using it the last few days. My husband likes it as well, it smells nice and feels good after a massage. Thanks.
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