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History of Emu Oil - Traditional and Modern History of Emu Oil - Traditional and Modern
emu oilThe original origin of Emu Oil was that it was discovered and used by the Australian Aborigines. Through research it indicates that for over 4 thousand years the Australian Aborigines have been using the many qualities of Emu Oil. One instance of its use is after a hunt, they would wrap their elders in the skin of the Emu to lesson and reduce their aches (Arthritis). Many more benefits were noticed over time until what research tells us now about the oil..

Emu Oil Used in other Countries for its Many Benefits !

In the mid 1800 s, Emu oil begin to be used not only in Australia and New Zealand but also other countires such as in Europe. Some european explorers learning its benefits would return home to their countrie bearing the oil as a gift. So the knowledge of the oil soon spread across Europe mainly by word of mouth.

US Starts Importing and using the Quality Oil from Australia...

In the Late 1980 s, in the U.S some farmers after learning about emu oil began to import and raise Emus for their meat and bi-products. In the 1990 s, Emu oil began being used in sports and by athletic trainers as well as burn centers worldwide to heal skin tissue and reduce scarring. Medical use was beoming more common...

Today Emu oil is regulated by the Australian (and American in America) Emu Association to guarantee quality for its many uses. Emu meat is a delicacy quality meat sold in many places throughout the world. The Emu Oil Products that Emustore.com provides are made from the highest form of certified edible grade and cosmetic grade emu oil.

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