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Emu Oil for Wounds and Its Rapid Effects Emu Oil for Wounds and Its Rapid Effects
emu oil woundsWe all suffer from skin wounds at some time, whether it be a small graze or a more serious wound its good to treat the wound properly to help the body in its natural healing process. Emu Oil can help the healing of a wound, as well as help prevent scars and damaged tissue in the process.

Emu Oil is a natural healer for the skin, it is 100% natural and that has been used in Aboriginal medicine for centuries. Emu oil has now become famous around the world for its powerful soothing properties to the skin, and can assist to heal small to large wounds on the body.

Emu Oil for Wounds and How it Can Help...?

Emu oil helps the skin with its natural healing process. It helps to rebuild damaged skin cells, form new collagen cells, and increase the strength of skin tissue in the area of the wound. The Proliferate Stage of a wound comes after the initial Inflammatory stage (the inflammatory stage is the first 2 - 3 days).

After the inflammatory stage, the proliferate stage lasts about 3 weeks (or longer, depending on the severity of the wound). Granulation occurs, which means that special cells called fibroblasts make collagen to fill in the wound. New blood vessels form. The wound gradually contracts and is covered by a layer of skin.

When Should you apply Emu Oil to a Wound?

It should be noted that it is thought emu oil may have anti-inflammatory effects and so should not be placed on wounds immediately, but placed on the wound during the proliferate stage. This will help the body to rebuild the damaged skin tissue, and prevent scaring.

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