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Is Emu Oil Effective on Stretch Marks? Is Emu Oil Effective on Stretch Marks?
emu oil for reducing stretch marks

Emu Oil is an amazing healing and penetrating Natural oil, and has been studied in the United States for over seven years. It has been written up in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Several universities including Boston University, Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Indiana University School of Medicine, and Auburn University have been involved in many years of research studying the effects of Emu Oil, and the penetration of the oil into the skin. Through this research, Emu oil was found to have many Benefits in healing damaged skin, such as Scars and Stretch Marks.  

Who gets Stretch Marks?

Stretch Marks can be formed on anyone, however some people are more susceptible to stretch marks than others. Affecting both men and women, they are not gender specific. Stretch Marks are quite common during pregnancy in a Womens life. They form a shiny/red line on the skin of the abdomen, breasts, thighs, or buttocks that is often lighter than the surrounding skin and is caused by the stretching and weakening of elastic tissues. Several factors can contribute to their formation, including -

*Dryer skin has less elasticity than oily skin
*Rapid Growth in Children
*Rapid Weight Gain

How Can Emu Oil for Stretch Marks Help?

Emu Oil products in Skin Care have been found to assist in the healing and reducing of Stretch Marks. This is because it contains high concentrations of Oleic (Omega 3) and Linolenic (Omega 6) Acids (unsaturated fatty acids that the body cannot produce, but the skin needs), and Palmitic Acid which stimulates new skin cell growth. Emu Oil carries all of these building blocks through the Epidermis directly to the Dermis. Here they are absorbed quickly and aid the repair of Scar tissue and Stretch Marks where the damage initialy occurred. Emu Oil is highly concentrated, a has huge amounts of Vitamin E, and without that, these essential nutrients cannot be utilized by the Dermis.

So instead of using prescription medication or expensive pills, help heal your skin the Natural way, with Emu Oil - Please click here to view our Pure Emu Oil.

Recommended Products for Stretch Marks

The recommended products to use for Stretch Marks are -

* Emu Oil Body Lotion - Rub the Body lotion in circular motion into your skin each day after a bath or shower.

* Pure Emu Oil - 1 - 2 times a day, rub a small amount of Pure Emu Oil into the areas that are effected by Stretch Marks.

* Bath Oil - Once a week, soak in a bath using the Emu Oil bath Oil.

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