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Emu Oil Research Done Across the World Emu Oil Research Done Across the World
Emu Oil Research and Studies have been conducted extensively around the world. Emu Oil Research has shown that Aboriginals of Australia have been using Emu Oil for thousands of years for many different body ailments. All studies are based on Proven Results, through vigorous scientific studies and testomonies, Emu Oil was discovered to be an amazing oil with many Benefits.

Through Emu Oil Research, the many Benefits were astounding to scientists and the general public. Many Alternative medicine Doctors and Naturopaths recommend its use for a range of discomforts and disease. One of its healing properties is that it does not clog the pores and therefore is suitable for all skin conditions, and great to use in Skin Care, (its great for people with sensitive skin and allergies).

emu oil research

Emu Oil Research has revealed that it has internal benefits for Arthritis and joint pain, as well as its external benefits for Anti Wrinkle and Dry Skin. As well as others like burns and more, the list goes on.

Where Emu Oil Research Has Taken Place -

Multiple Emu Oil Research studies have been conducted at these Institutes:

* Australia University of Sydney,

* University of Adelaide,

* University of Texas Medical School,

* USA Auburn University,

* USA Boston University Medical Center,

* USA Indiana University School of Medicine,

* USA Iowa State University,

* USA Texas Tech Health Sciences,

* Burn Unit, USA

And this list goes on, the above are some of the ones of note that are documented. Also when it comes to research of Emu Oil it is also good to take into account the testimonies of users and reviews of the product by those that use it. This opens up new possibilities that the Oil can be used for now and in the future.
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