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How Emu Oil Is Good for Pain Relief? How Emu Oil Is Good for Pain Relief?
                            Oil and Pain Relief

Pain is the one thing no one likes to feel. Millions of people throughout the world seek Pain relief every day from many different discomforts that cause pain. Pain can be internal - eg. arthritis, joint pain, back pain, headache, or external pain - eg. insect stings, bruises, and burns.

Most pain is caused by inflammation of the skin or bodily tissues, or a build up of bacteria which has caused an infection. The only problem, is that most people seek prescription pharmaceutical medication, which can have bad side effects and cause allergies, not to mention its very unnatural to our bodies.

Emu Oil for Pain Relief History

Taking Emu Oil for Pain Relief has been used by the Australian Aborigines for thousands of years, both internally and externally. They used it for pain relief of aching muscles, sore joints, inflammation, swelling, headache pain, burns etc.

They introduced Emu Oil to the European settlers for its medicinal use, and with todays growing concern to use Natural products and alternative medicine for your health and well being - Emu Oil is taking the world by storm!

How Does Emu Oil and Pain Relief Work?

Emu Oil works for pain management because it is non-toxic, anti-bacterial, and a deep penetrating anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory means that any pain you may have due to swelling eg. arthritis, muscle pain, headache/migraine will be assisted to bring down the swelling of the body tissue, thus to ease the pain. Anti-bacterial means that any pain associated with bacteria or infection, will be assisted to heal by the Emu Oil. Non-toxic means its safe for anyone to use, and has no side effects.

Emu Oil has been shown to give the same effect as common drugs like Imbuprofen, but without the bad side effects of common pharmaceutical medication. So why resort to the use of expensive pills and drug medication, when you can use one of natures most treasured gifts - Pure Emu Oil. We provide a wonderful range of Emu Oil based products and Skin Care and Hair Care, we have something to suit everyone.

Please click here to view all our Emu Oil Skin Care and Hair Care products.

Recommended Products For Pain Relief

The products recommended for Pain Relief are -

* Pure Emu Oil - Wherever you feel pain, rub some of our oil into the area, if you have a headache, gently rub a small amount into your temples for 1 minute. Its also great if you can get someone to give you a neck massage.
* Emu Oil Massage Mousse Lotion - A specially formulated Massage Oil lotion to rub into aching muscles and joints.

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